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      Ransomware attacks - prepare and protect with backup planning

      This article explains measures against ransomware attacks that must be set in advance, and why backup planning is the key to business continuity.


      PostgreSQL audit log - Detecting database security threats

      This article explains the audit log functionality in PostgreSQL and Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres and how it is used to detect potential security threats.


      High Availability / Reliability

      How to implement High Availability using pgpool-II

      Introducing pgpool-II, a middleware product which brings high availability for enterprise database, outlining the main features and key points of the setup.

      What is streaming replication, and how can I set it up?

      Highlighting the mechanism and PostgreSQL structure of streaming replication, which replicates database clusters in batch.

      Setting up failover and recovery on a streaming replication configuration

      Overview of failover and recovery measures available when using streaming replication.

      PostgreSQL backup and recovery

      This article introduces the basic concepts and types of backup and recovery in PostgreSQL, as well as examples of how to choose a method for a desired outcome.

      Data federation

      Linking to foreign data using foreign data wrappers

      This article explains how PostgreSQL Foreign Data Wrappers can access various external data sources such as Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server, and MongoDB, among others.

      How to link to Oracle databases using oracle_fdw (part 1)

      This is the first part on our discussion of how to access Oracle databases using PostgreSQL's Foreign Data Wrapper oracle_fdw.

      How to link to Oracle databases using oracle_fdw (part 2)

      This article concludes our discussion of the use of PostgreSQL's foreign data wrapper oracle_fdw, and how to use it more effectively.

      PostgreSQL central

      Introduction to frequently used open source extensions

      Have a look at the most frequently used open source extensions enhancing PostgreSQL functionalities, and what they are used for.

      Using stored procedures in PostgreSQL

      Describing stored procedures, added in PostgreSQL 11, with definition and execution samples.

      Performance & Tuning

      What are the partitioning types available in PostgreSQL, and how should I choose one?

      This article explains partitioning, the method for storing data in divided tables, based on declarative partitioning.


      Improving database performance using partitioning — step-by-step

      Explaining the mechanism of pruning, wise join, wise aggregation, that can enhance partitioning performance.


      Tuning - Overview of SQL tuning

      Explaining what is SQL tuning, how SQL is executed, how to detect slow SQL statements, and methods to investigate the cause.


      Tuning - Perform SQL tuning

      This article walks through a sample SQL tuning process, including how to identify slow SQLs and apply changes to refine your application performance.


      Control execution plans by fixing statistics with pg_dbms_stats

      This article explains how to leverage pg_dbms_stats to fix statistics of your database for stable transaction throughput and performance of your system.


      Control execution plans with pg_hint_plan

      This article explains how to control execution plans by using the tool pg_hint_plan and setting hint phrases to dictate what scanning method is to be used.


      Tuning - Database tuning

      This article introduces the fundamental concepts behind database performance tuning, and introduces you to the key Postgres parameters involved.



      Database system montoring - what and how to monitor

      This article explains measures against failure that must be set in advance, and why database monitoring plays a very important role.


      Monitoring PostgreSQL databases

      mon-metThis article provides useful information about database system monitoring, such as commands, functions, command execution examples, and statistics view.


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