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    Security, High Availability, and Performance – from server to database

    Secure, highly available, and fast — Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres deployed on IBM LinuxONE™ gives you the scalability and business-critical availability your organization needs.

    What Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres on IBM LinuxONE™ has to offer


    Transparent Data Encryption and Data Masking, with IBM LinuxONE™ CryptoCard integration with data privacy encryption everywhere.


    Up to 3.9x faster HTAP workloads in large data sets with Vertical Clustered Index and in-memory analytics acceleration. 8.4x times faster bulk data load.

    High Availability

    99.999% availability, with Disaster Recovery, Mirroring Controller and Redundant Array of Independent Memory to meet High Availability requirements.

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    Fujitsu's flagship database management system combines the strength of open source PostgreSQL with Fujitsu database technologies.

    Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres is an ANSI-compliant enhanced true native PostgreSQL, combining the strength of open source PostgreSQL with added enterprise-grade features for security, HTAP workloads, High Availability, and mission-critical systems

    IBM LinuxONE™icon-elephant-blue-with-ibm-linuxone-01

    IBM LinuxONE™ is a scalable enterprise-class Linux server, known for its security, scalability and reliability, used by digital banks, crypto custodies, blockchains and many major institutions throughout the world.

    Taking advantage of IBM LinuxONE™’s robust architecture, it can run production workloads using commercially-licensed Linux software side-by-side with open source workloads such as Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres.

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