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      Fujitsu delivers FUJITSU Enterprise Postgres, an enterprise-ready version of PostgreSQL, plus a range of service and support options for standard PostgreSQL users. Download the brochure that matches your requirements, or contact our experts should you have any questions.

      Compare FUJITSU Enterprise Postgres with PostgreSQL

      Fujitsu's enterprise version of PostgreSQL extends the security, performance, and high availability features of the open source version.

      Grow with FUJITSU Enterprise Postgres

      img-brochure-1st-page-grow-with-fujitsu-enterprise-postgres As your business grows, so does your data. FUJITSU Enterprise Postgres is a PostgreSQL-compatible, highly reliable relational database management system that enhances your business at every stage. 

      Enhanced Open Source PostgreSQL

      As an enterprise-enhanced version of PostgreSQL, FUJITSU Enterprise Postgres is hardened and ready for a wide range of applications, industries, and performance requirements. 

      FUJITSU Enterprise Postgres Datasheet

      This enterprise data management system provides effective solutions to common business challenges including security, speed, support and cost savings. Read how.

      Open Source Value, Enterprise Quality

      FUJITSU Enterprise Postgres enhances PostgreSQL with enterprise-ready features, support, performance, and availability to reduce costs compared to proprietary systems and eliminate vendor lock-in.

      FUJITSU Enterprise Postgres Concepts

      Fujitsu has enhanced the community PostgreSQL platform with greater speed, security and support so our enterprise clients can maximize their data value.

      Incorporating PostgreSQL

      Brochure: Incorporating PostgreSQLFujitsu incorporated PostgreSQL open source into its enterprise data management platform to embrace the concept of open source software (OSS) first.

      In-Memory Columnar Index

      In-Memory Columnar Index brochureVertical Clustered Index (VCI) is the proprietary implementation of In-Memory Columnar Index by Fujitsu to significantly improve aggregation processing and support HTAP workload. It can result in up to 5x performance gains.

      High-speed Backup / Recovery

      High-speed Backup/Recovery brochureData is the currency of the digital economy. FUJITSU Enterprise Postgres provides you the tools to implement a flexible and efficient backup/recovery plan that attends to your specific environment.

      FUJITSU Cloud Native Service Delivery Platform

      Brochure: FUJITSU Cloud Native Service Delivery PlatformCNSDP is a framework for innovation and the foundation for your Digital Factory.

      PostgreSQL Training

      Brochure: PostgreSQL TrainingOur training courses are delivered by experts and best suited to personnel working in database management, high availability and replication, and application development.

      FUJITSU Enterprise Postgres Optimization

      Brochure: FUJITSU Enterprise Postgres OptimisationWith access to some of the world’s top PostgreSQL talent, we’re able to help optimize your database instances with our Health Check and Operations Review.

      FUJITSU Enterprise Postgres Data Migration

      Brochure: FUJITSU Enterprise Postgres Data MigrationMigrate your current database management system to FUJITSU Enterprise Postgres seamlessly with our Migration Assessment and Data Migration services.

      Database Migration Assessment

      Brochure: Database Migration AssessmentUse Fujitsu's Database Migration Assessment service to determine the feasibility of migrating your current database to FUJITSU Enterprise Postgres.