Fujitsu delivers FUJITSU Enterprise Postgres, an enterprise-ready version of PostgreSQL, plus a range of service and support options for standard PostgreSQL users. Download the brochure that matches your requirements, or contact our experts should you have any questions.


Five Enterprise Capabilities of FUJITSU Enterprise Postgres

FUJITSU Enterprise Postgres is an enhanced distribution of open source PostgreSQL that delivers the performance, availability, and data protection required by today’s enterprise workloads. Its foundation is PostgreSQL, one of the most advanced open source database management systems (OSDBMS) in the world.

PostgreSQL is built and delivered by a diverse and independent community. As an enterprise-enhanced version of this community edition, FUJITSU Enterprise Postgres is hardened and ready for a wide range of applications, industries, and performance requirements, including the five key capabilities required by the modern enterprise: 

  1. Hardened & Available
  2. Secured & Governed
  3. Open & Compatible
  4. Multi-Model & Extensible
  5. Accelerate & Analyse


Brochure: Enhanced Open Source PostgreSQL

FUJITSU Enterprise Postgres datasheet

This enterprise data management system provides effective solutions to common business challenges including security, speed, support and cost savings. 


PostgreSQL Data Migration

Migrating your current database management system to either PostgreSQL or FUJITSU Enterprise Postgres seamlessly with our Migration Assessment and Data Migration services.


PostgreSQL Optimisation

With access to some of the world’s top PostgreSQL talent, we’re able to help optimise your database instances with our PostgreSQL Health Check and Operations Review.


PostgreSQL Training

Our training courses are delivered by experts and best suited to personnel working in database management, high availability and replication, and application development.


PostgreSQL Support

When access to data is business critical, put our highly skilled software support engineers on your side with a subscription to the Fujitsu PostgreSQL 24/7 support plan.


Database Migration Assessment

Use Fujitsu's Database Migration Assessment service to determine the feasibility of migrating your current database to FUJITSU Enterprise Postgres.


FUJITSU Enterprise Postgres Concepts

Fujitsu has enhanced the community PostgreSQL platform with greater speed, security and support so our enterprise clients can maximise their data value.


Incorporating PostgreSQL

Fujitsu incorporated PostgreSQL open source into its enterprise data management platform to embrace the concept of open source software (OSS) first.


In-Memory Columnar Index

Vertical Clustered Index (VCI) is the proprietary implementation of In-Memory Columnar Index by Fujitsu to significantly improve aggregation processing and support HTAP workload. It can result in up to 5x performance gains. 


FUJITSU Cloud Native Service Delivery Platform

CNSDP is a framework for innovation and the foundation for your Digital Factory.



Choose the right architecture with the right enterprise database for superior performance, reliability, and HTAP capabilities.