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    Enterprise Postgres 16

    for x86


    You can try the full-featured trial version of Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres for 90 days.
    Combine the strengths of open-source PostgreSQL with the enterprise features developed by Fujitsu to create a database with enhanced speed, security, and support — without the costs associated with most proprietary systems.
    It is fully compatible with PostgreSQL and shares the same operation method, interface for application development, and inherent functionality.

    • High-speed query processing and improved performance for large data sets through the parallel scan and aggregation and in-memory features, enabling HTAP workloads
    • Secure 256-bit transparent data encryption (PCI-DSS compliant)
    • Data masking for increased data security
    • High-reliability database operation through database multiplexing
    • WebAdmin (GUI for quick and easy setup, cluster management, and one-click backup and recovery)

    Enterprise Postgres 16

    for Kubernetes


    Experience operator capabilities for provisioning and managing database operations with a full-featured 30 days trial of Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres on the OpenShift Container Platform.
    Fast-paced, business-ready database that integrates container operation (operational automation) technology for rapid development-to-production deployments with fast-evolving, open PostgreSQL.

    • Leverages open container technology to enable a cloud shift without being tied to a cloud vendor
    • Quickly deploy from development to operations
    • Responsiveness to rapid system changes and growth
    • Reduced operational load on the Database Administrator with containerized database - Focus on application development and migration (upper layer development) for faster digital transformation.
    • Certified as a Red Hat OpenShift operator

    Enterprise Postgres 16

    on IBM LinuxONE


    Trial a fully-featured version of Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres on IBM LinuxONE for 90 days, a world-class platform that embraces open source and improves data security, performance, and business continuity for your organization.
    It gives you the best of open source flexibility with the peace of mind that comes from knowing that it is backed by 2 industry giants, Fujitsu and IBM.

    • Transparent Data Encryption and Data Masking, with IBM LinuxONE™ CryptoCard integration with data privacy encryption for DevSecOps
    • 3.9x+ faster HTAP workloads in large data sets with Vertical Clustered Index and in-memory analytics acceleration. 8.4x times faster bulk data load.
    • 99.999% availability, with Disaster Recovery, Mirroring Controller, and Redundant Array of Independent Memory to meet High Availability requirements
    • Robust architecture that can run production workloads using commercially-licensed Linux software side-by-side with open source workload

    Enterprise Postgres 16

    on IBM Power®


    You can try Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres on IBM Power® with a fully-featured trial version valid for 90 days to experience a frictionless hybrid cloud that can help you modernize to respond faster to business demands.
    Combines the Fujitsu database designed for security, performance, and reliability with the IBM server built for agility in the hybrid cloud.

    • Suited for mission-critical data foundations
    • Superior all-around performance
    • Hybrid cloud experience engineered for agility
    • Protect data with persistent security and streamline insights and automation
    • Secure every layer of your company's IT hardware and software stack
    • Scale mission-critical, data-intensive application, either virtual machine-based or containerized
    • Industry-leading reliability

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