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      Discover how FUJITSU Enterprise Postgres is taking the power of PostgreSQL to the next level.

      FUJITSU Enterprise Postgres leverages the strength and reliability of PostgreSQL with additional enterprise features for greatly increased performance, security, usability and scalability:

      • In-Memory Columnar Index* (to support HTAP workloads)
      • High-speed data load
      • High-speed backup/recovery
      • WAL duplication (to solve single point of failure)
      • Mirroring Controller (for business continuity)
      • Transparent data encryption (256-bit PCI DSS-compliant)
      • Data masking
      • Dedicated audit logs
      • Enhanced GUI
      • Simplified WebAdmin
      • One-click backup and recovery
      • System usage statistics

      Diagram: FUJITSU Enterprise Postgres features

      We have combined a deep understanding of PostgreSQL, with 35 years of commercial database experience, to develop an invaluable suite of enterprise-grade features.

      This is what sets FUJITSU Enterprise Postgres apart:

      Improved performance and reliability

      Smart setup – you can install FUJITSU Enterprise Postgres in as little as 15 minutes without having to design the database beforehand. Database instances can be created using the GUI, and the optimum parameters are set automatically.

      Mirroring Controller – monitors the ongoing performance of your database, network and hardware, and notifies you if something is amiss. As FUJITSU Enterprise Postgres runs on two servers, you have the option of flipping from the main server to the standby server manually, or setting the Mirroring Controller to do so automatically. This ensures there are no interruptions to the operations of your database.

      One-click recovery – in the unfortunate event of disk failure, this feature enables you to restore your data to the most recent point prior to the failure with the click of a button. It’s one of several easy-to-use, non-technical administration tools for performing-high level tasks. Other One-click features include Backup, Monitor Disk Usage, and Manage Instances.

      Greater security

      Transparent data encryption – all data in FUJITSU Enterprise Postgres is encrypted, including stored data, data backed up to the file server, any mirrored data on the secondary server as well as network communications data. Security is provided through block encryption technology (Advance Encryption Standard), which is used by the US Government. FUJITSU Enterprise Postgres uses 256-bit encryption keys and supports Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) – the security standard for the credit card industry.

      Data Masking – provides greater control over access to sensitive information. You can obscure select data returned from queries, making it available for reference without exposing the actual data, such as credit card numbers or security-sensitive information. Data masking makes it safe to use production data in a testing or development environment.

      Better performance

      In-Memory Columnar Index– Reducing the time it takes to perform queries improves efficiencies within your organization. In-memory Column Store provides significantly faster analytical query processing by storing a columnar representation of row-oriented data in memory. Using Vertical Clustered Index*, throughput of analytical queries can be up to 5 times higher while maintaining equivalent transaction volumes.

      * Developed by Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd, Vertical Clustered Index is FUJITSU Enterprise Postgres' implementation of In-Memory Columnar Index

      Benefits at a glance

      • Clean and simple GUI
      • Enhanced security
      • Better performance


      See how FUJITSU Enterprise Postgres enhances PostgreSQL providing 5 key enterprise capabilities for your mission-critical applications.

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      PostgreSQL FUJITSU Enterprise Postgres
      Mission-critical database    
      Easy setup    
      One click backup and recovery  
      Transparent data encryption (256-bit PCI DSS-compliant)  
      Data masking  
      In-Memory Columnar Index  
      DB mirroring controller  
      Enhanced GUI for cluster management  
      System usage statistics  
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