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      Unlock the true potential of Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres with Fujitsu’s online instructor-led training course

      Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres is an open-source based enterprise-grade database management platform capable of replacing more expensive proprietary options due to its flexibility, security, world-class support, and efficient licensing arrangements that can reduce total cost of ownership significantly.

      However, when it comes to business, Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres is only as powerful as the people who use it.

      Ensure you possess the practical knowledge and deep understanding necessary to unlock the true potential of Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres for your business.

      Unlock the potential of PostgreSQL with Fujitsu's enhanced version

      We have contributed directly to the development of PostgreSQL as an open source system since its inception. Our PostgreSQL experts provide corporate courses to the needs of DBAs, architects, and developers.

      The curriculum delivers fundamental knowledge on administration, high availability, performance, and security, extending the discussion to advanced topics to empower your organization to leverage Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres in its full potential. The interactive format allows you to discuss anything particular to your organization with our instructors who have deep practical knowledge of PostgreSQL.

      Generally, our training is delivered in the below format:

      • The 5-day instructor-led training will be held online.
      • Theory sessions on each day will be followed by hands-on sessions, allowing you to understand each concept in practice.

      Our training teaches the practical skills to unlock the full potential of Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres inside business and government organizations.

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      Benefits at a glance

      • Corporate online training led by PostgreSQL experts
      • Combination of theory and hands-on sessions using a lab environment prepared by Fujitsu
      • Empower your organization with practical skills of Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres


      Discover more details about the Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres Training course.

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