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    Fujitsu is expert in PostgreSQL

    We deliver technical Support Plans in development and production environments for our enhanced version of PostgreSQL - Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres, designed specifically for business-critical environments.

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    Enterprise data security out of the box – with no extra cost

    Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres extends PostgreSQL to provide critical security features

    Transparent Data Encryption uses 256-bit encryption technology to protect all data at rest without affecting existing applications, with minimum performance impact.

    Data Masking allows in-flight data to be redacted according to policies that can obfuscate the data fully or partially, with an offline option to generate realistic data in test and partners' environments as well.

    Dedicated Audit Log records database activity separately from the server log, making it easier and more efficient to obtain and analyze data access records for auditing and security purposes.

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    Why Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres?

    • Open-source based for excellent stability and support.
    • Enterprise features including In-Memory Columnar Index, Data Masking, Transparent Data Encryption, and Dedicated Audit Log for enhanced speed and security.
    • Agility to bend and flex with changing data and business requirements.
    • Stable performance supported by our global PostgreSQL experts.
    • Rapid deployment and support with our local technical teams.
    • Excellent value with enhanced enterprise features at a fraction of the cost of most proprietary solutions.

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    Fujitsu Knowledge Portal

    Everything you need for your Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres and PostgreSQL needs - all in one place

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