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    Your data demands a robust, scalable, and secure database. Enter FUJITSU Enterprise Postgres.

    FUJITSU Enterprise Postgres is an exceptionally reliable and robust relational database, created for organizations that require strong query performance and high availability. It is based on the world-renowned open-source system — PostgreSQL, with additional enterprise-grade features for enhanced security and better performance.

    FUJITSU Enterprise Postgres is installed and operated by Fujitsu’s database experts who can also assist with the migration of data from your existing database. The fact that FUJITSU Enterprise Postgres is based on PostgreSQL makes it highly compatible with other systems and applications.

    The simple, clean graphic user interface improves the experience for DBAs executing core database functions, such as running queries, scanning and back-up, making your data and reporting more accessible.

    What is the significance of PostgreSQL?

    PostgreSQL is the world’s most advanced open-source database system, renowned for its reliability, scalability and security. When we were looking to develop our most effective database solution, PostgreSQL was an obvious model. Fujitsu has been committed to the PostgreSQL community since 2004. We regularly contribute ideas to its development, based on our extensive enterprise experience. In turn, improvements to PostgreSQL directly impact the value of FUJITSU Enterprise Postgres for our customers.

    How does FUJITSU Enterprise Postgres differ from PostgreSQL?Logo: FUJITSU Enterprise Postgres

    Enhanced reliability
    Data integrity and operational continuity are paramount for any organization. Data loss is a significant risk in the event of a physical disk failure. FUJITSU Enterprise Postgres mitigates this risk through data redundancy across physical hardware and reliably coordinating this distributed data during automated fail-over and recovery processes.

    Greater security
    As the volume of data stored in an IT-system increases, so does the risk of data leakage. All data in FUJITSU Enterprise Postgres can be protected using simple to set-up Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) that utilizes the same algorithms as used by the US Government providing data owners with the highest levels of security.  FUJITSU Enterprise Postgres enhances security at many levels including data encryption, log encryption and internal communication channel encryption.

    Better performance
    FUJITSU Enterprise Postgres’ In-Memory Columnar Index ensures faster returns on complex queries, providing your organization the information it needs to respond to mission-critical situations.

    Why choose FUJITSU Enterprise Postgres over proprietary databases?

    Reduce TCO – A FUJITSU Enterprise Postgres license is available on subscription. Customers agree to a limited term of use for a flat rate based on the total number of cores or virtual CPUs. Flexible support plans are also available. There are no exorbitant installation costs, steep maintenance fees or hidden costs. Over a three year period, customers can save up to 80% on their database costs comparative to proprietary databases.

    No vendor lock-in - Unlike proprietary database providers, Fujitsu does not attempt to lock its customers into restrictive contracts. Fujitsu customers can easily opt out of their access to FUJITSU Enterprise Postgres, and convert to an open-source system, because our database is based on PostgreSQL. There are no penalties or restrictive obligations.

    FUJITSU Enterprise Postgres features

    FUJITSU Enterprise Postgres features

    Discover how FUJITSU Enterprise Postgres provides improved reliability, greater security, and better performance.

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    FUJITSU Enterprise Postgres specs

    FUJITSU Enterprise Postgres specs 

    See the detailed specifications for FUJITSU Enterprise Postgres. 

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    Data Migration overview

    Data Migration

    Fujitsu can assist with migrating data from all major vendor databases to either PostgreSQL or FUJITSU Enterprise Postgres.

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    Contact us if you have any questions about FUJITSU Enterprise Postgres.

    Benefits at a glance

    • Highly robust, scalable, and reliable
    • Enhanced security and performance
    • Reduce TCO and no vendor lock-in


    See how FUJITSU Enterprise Postgres enhances PostgreSQL providing 5 key enterprise capabilities for your mission-critical applications.

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