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      roundel-anim-film-01Fujitsu delivers Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres, an enterprise-ready version of PostgreSQL, plus a range of service and support options for standard PostgreSQL users.

      Watch the video that matches your requirements, or contact our experts should you have any questions.



      Duration - 19:32

      Fujitsu contribution to PostgreSQL

      Fujitsu has been an active participant in the PostgreSQL community for more than 20 years. We are not only a Major Sponsor, but also a board member of PostgreSQL Enterprise Consortium (PGECons), helping Postgres users and expanding the user base in enterprise implementations.

      We are proud to have various contributors and committers in our rank, and in this video we hand over the microphone to them so they can tell you how they have contributed to PostgreSQL.


      • Fujitsu and its contributions to OSS and PostgreSQL (0:00)
      • Amit Kapila discusses Fujitsu's recent contributions to PostgreSQL and future initiatives (1:52)
      • Vignesh C talks about his work in bi-directional replication (4:38)
      • Peter Smith discusses his involvement in DDL replication and his contributions to patch review (7:39)
      • Zhijie Hou addresses his work with logical replication (10:39)
      • Hayato Kuroda examines his contribution in the migration of logical replication slots (13:31)
      • Aya Iwata talks about her work with PGECons and how it promotes PostgreSQL adoption in enterprise-level systems (16:53)

      Duration - 2:58

      Migration Portal

      Use our Self-Assessment Tool to determine the conversion steps of migrating your current database to Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres.
      The assessment will provide a clear picture of what will be required for your successful migration, with a free report detailing what can be migrated automatically without modification, and which modifications should be made to your source files.

      Get the full details at the Migration Portal.

      Duration - 0:49

      Beyond green computing with Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres on IBM LinuxONE

      Together, Fujitsu and IBM are helping clients build a modern environment that is designed to improve business agility and reduce overall costs using a highly secured and sustainable platform.


      Duration - 36:21

      Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres 15 - webinar

      Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres 15 continues our commitment to protecting data, with the addition of key security features in a hybrid multi-cloud product that delivers enhanced performance, availability, and portability to meet the needs of critical business environments.

      Fujitsu's Marcos Figueiredo takes you on a tour of the latest version.

      Learn more about Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres

      Duration - 9:15

      Self-Assessment Tool - walkthru


      Fujitsu's Tim Steward shows a step-by-step video with instructions on how to upload your sources files to obtain a roadmap for migrating your database to Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres.

      Go to Migration Portal >

      Duration - 18:19

      Using Data Masking in the OpenShift Container Platform

      Our resident PostgreSQL expert Gary Evans  takes you through the steps required to add Data Masking capabilities to your Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres database in the OpenShift Container Platform.

      See how easy it is to create data redaction policies that allow you to either fully or partially mask table data.

      Learn more about Data Masking


      Duration - 23:41

      Transparent Data Encryption in the OpenShift Container Platform

      Gary Evans  discusses Transparent Data Encryption capabilities and explain how to implement it in a Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres database running on OpenShift.

      Learn more about Transparent Data Encryption

      Duration - 31:25

      Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres 15 for Kubernetes

      Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres for Kubernetes provides a framework for installing and managing your Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres on Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform. The Operator module manages the service on behalf of the Database Administrator.

      Version 15 introduces the features below:

      • Security policy monitoring
      • Audit log automation
      • Cloud-based-key management
      • Cloud-based secret management


      Duration - 6:54

      Suse Rancher demo

      In this demo, we show you how to use Suse Rancher to:

      • Create a project
      • Create a namespace
      • Create an operator
      • Create an FEPCluster
      • Edit FEPCluster settings


      Duration - 14:10

      Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres for Kubernetes demo

      Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres Operator provides an enterprise platform for installing and managing your Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres on OpenShift Container Platform. Up and running in minutes, the Operator provides the features required to maximize the benefits of this enterprise PostgreSQL solution.

      In this video you will see how to:

      • Deploy Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres Operator on OpenShift Container Platform
      • Check if the status of the database replica is working
      • Encrypt your tablespace using Transparent Data Encryption
      • Apply full and partial Data Masking policies to sensitive data
      • Add Vertical Clustered Index to a column and check the performance improvement
      • Use the monitoring features in conjunction with Grafana
      • Set up auto-scaling features and see it in action as workload increases

      Learn more about Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres Operator


      Duration - 36:31

      Deploying Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres with OpenShift on IBM zLinux

      It's easy to deploy Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres on zLinux with Red Hat Open Shift.

      We show you how, and why you should consider it for your next implementation.

      Learn more about Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres for Kubernetes

      Webinars and interviews


      img-video-thumb-futurum-interview-danielle-shields-and-tim-stewardDuration - 21:52

      Interview - Futurum Research talks to Danielle Shields and Timothy Steward

      Danielle Shields and Timothy Steward join Futurum Research's Shelly Kramer to discuss open source software and the value it can deliver, especially for organizations looking to increase speed of innovation. They also took a look at Fujitsu’s Enterprise Postgres solution and the impact it’s having in the market.



      Duration - 19:51

      Interview - talks to Marcos Figueiredo

      Marcos Figueiredo logo-linkedin-02 spoke to Techstrong TV during the Open Source Summit Europe 2022 in Dublin. Marcos shared his knowledge on open source, automation, containers, and how Fujitsu is contributing to the Kubernetes community to make data management simpler.


      Duration - 43:34

      Webinar - Transforming applications and enterprise data with security

      Fujitsu's Marcos Figueiredo logo-linkedin-02 and IBM's Marcel Mitran logo-linkedin-02 discuss how Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres with IBM and Red Hat OpenShift can help organizations transform their applications and enterprise data portfolio by providing innovative data privacy, security, and cyber resilience.


      Duration - 47:53

      Webinar - Accelerate your journey to hybrid cloud & containerization

      Fujitsu's Neeraj Arora logo-linkedin-02 and Gary Evans logo-linkedin-02 discuss the challenges and the considerations required in the journey to hybrid cloud and containerization.


      Duration - 57:09

      Webinar - Agile, available, and secure: Exploring the new era of data management with IBM and Fujitsu

      Fujitsu's Terry Ginther logo-linkedin-02 (Global Sales Director, Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres) and IBM's Val Penna Tavares (Global Data Serving SME, IBM LinuxONE and Linux on IBM Z) talk through the challenges that require agility working with big data and relational databases, and how companies can transform their infrastructures with hybrid cloud solutions.



      Duration - 10:45

      Install patches to Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres

      Learn how to apply patches to Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres.
      In this video you will see how to apply patches to Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres 15, running on x86 platform.

      Duration - 11:48

      Major version upgrade

      Learn how to perform a major version upgrade of Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres.
      This video show how to upgrade Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres 14 to 15 SP1, running on x86 platform.

      Duration - 5:43

      Transparent Data Encryption setup

      See how easy it is to set up your environment for Transparent Data Encryption and configure tablespace encryption.

      Duration - 20:12

      Disaster Recovery - Setup and demo

      Walks through configuration of primary, standby, and arbitration servers as well as Connection Manager, and tests various scenarios of disaster recovery.

      Duration - 30:21

      High Availability - Setup and demo

      Guides you through the steps of creating primary and standby instances, building the arbitration server, configuring Connection Manager, and testing unplanned events to verify failover.