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      After a long season of no in-person events due the pandemic, I can say with certainty that attending the Open Source Summit event in Dublin along with my fellow Fujitsu representatives was not only thoroughly enjoyable, but also a great opportunity to catch up with the community. Here are my thoughts.

      Get a feel for the Open Source Summit experience through my event journal.

      This past September, over 2000 attendees gathered at the Open Source Summit, in Dublin, Ireland. Fujitsu representatives were among the crowd as proud sponsors. Vince O’Dea shares his insight into the experience.

      This past September, the European Open Source Summit was held at the impressive Convention Center in Dublin, Ireland.


      As Silver Sponsors, Fujitsu was represented by Niki Kennedy, Marcos Figueiredo, Raul Storino, and myself at the event, both at our exhibition booth and at the online virtual booth. We knew our participation would be a great opportunity not only to increase Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres brand recognition, but also to highlight the 20+ years Fujitsu has been contributing to the open source community.

      Sustainability and open source technology

      There was probably no more apt a location to talk about going green, than the Emerald Isle. The keynote speech was presented by Ross Mauri (GM IBM), who highlighted this year’s key theme of sustainability in open source technology.

      As a team, we made sure to look the part, dressed in our Fujitsu emblazoned t-shirts. We were thrilled with how our exhibition booth was kitted out.  Complete with an eye-catching backdrop that perfectly represented the sustainability messaging, we also also brought along our star mascot Elle the stuffed Elephant (pictured below with Niki Kennedy), who was quickly snatched up, along with our Greener Technology sustainability brochures, explaining how Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres can help decarbonize compute.


      Me, holding the Greener Technology brochure


      Niki Kennedy at the Fujitsu booth with our mascot Elle

      It was interesting to learn many delegates were unaware that the Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres service includes 24x7, 365 days a year support that includes the whole relational database software stack, and not just the Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres additional features over and above PostgreSQL.


      Raul Storino discussing Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres and open source

      The Fujitsu booth

      The Open Source Summit provided an opportunity to dispel any confusion and educate attendees about our offering face to face. In the end, we spoke with around 130 delegates and were happy to assist in answering all their questions and help build relationships.


      Raul Storino with an attendee

      Open Source Summit, 2022 Scanning at Booth

      Marcos Figueiredo and Raul Storino engaging with participants

      Open Source Summit, 2022 Comp Winner

      Marcos Figueiredo giving away the prize to our lucky draw winner

      After the past few years with no in-person events due the pandemic, being part of the Open Source Summit was thoroughly enjoyable, and it was great to meet so many other passionate IT professionals.

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