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      Getting started

      Why choose Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres?

      Our enterprise-grade PostgreSQL database delivers enhanced security, performance, and resilience on multiple platforms and cloud vendors.

      Compare Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres with PostgreSQL

      Fujitsu's enterprise version of PostgreSQL extends the security, performance, and high availability features of the open source version.

      Grow with Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres

      As your business grows, so does your data. Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres is a PostgreSQL-compatible, highly reliable relational database management system that enhances your business at every stage. 

      Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres datasheet

      This enterprise data management system provides effective solutions to common business challenges including security, speed, support, and cost savings. Read how.


      Achieving carbon-neutral IT systems with Kubernetes, Operator, and Rust

      The efficiency of the programming languages used by IT systems can help lower energy consumption in data centers, having a positive impact for organizations trying to reach carbon neutrality. Read more in this free white paper.

      Greener technology - How Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres can help decarbonize compute

      Read what technology can do to reduce the impact of human activity on climate change, and how Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres can set you on track for greener operations.

      White papers & eBooks

      Transparent Data Encryption

      Fujitsu's Transparent Data Encryption protects your data at rest with 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard, with minimum impact in overhead and no requirement to change existing applications.

      Data Masking

      img-brochure-1st-page-maximise-your-enterprise-data-valueData Masking is an excellent way to protect sensitive customer data when it must look real for the purpose of testing or development, and yet be protected from any potential threat of breach.

      Dedicated Audit Log

      img-brochure-1st-page-maximise-your-enterprise-data-valueEnsure your database management system has the mechanisms that can track and analyze when and how what data was accessed, and by whom.

      Vertical Clustered Index

      img-brochure-1st-page-maximise-your-enterprise-data-valueSupport your emerging Hybrid Transactional Analytical Processing (HTAP) workloads with Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres Vertical Clustered Index, so both OLAP and OLTP can process simultaneously without compromise.

      High Availability

      img-brochure-1st-page-maximise-your-enterprise-data-valueEnsure your database management platform contains the feature-sets you need to deliver the level of fault tolerance and robustness that business demands today.

      Mirroring Controller

      img-brochure-1st-page-maximise-your-enterprise-data-valueEnsure your IT services are always available with this unique feature designed to deliver fault tolerance and high availability.

      High-Speed Data Load

      img-brochure-1st-page-maximise-your-enterprise-data-valueLoad bulk data using as many parallel processes as possible without the need to pre-configure and tune your environment beforehand.

      Embedded SQL in C and COBOL

      Reuse your C and COBOL programs with little to no modification when deploying Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres.

      Securing sensitive data in the enterprise

      img-ebook-1st-page-securing-sensitive-dataData breach, and the laws governing it, are quickly expanding around the world. Download this easy-to-read book to see what threats exist, how you can avoid them, and what to do should one strike. 

      Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres for Kubernetes

      Containerize. Modernize. Automate. With Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres for Kubernetes.

      img-flyer-1st-page-fep-for-k8s-15Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres for Kubernetes is a hybrid multi-cloud database that integrates container operation for rapid deployments on OpenShift Container Platform, SUSE Rancher, and VMWare Tanzu.

      Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres for Kubernetes datasheet

      img-datasheet-fep-for-kubernetes-14Get all the facts about how Fujitsu extends its own technologies to embrace containers and deliver a database system with virtualization technology.

      Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres for Kubernetes technical presentation

      img-deck-technical-presentation-fep-for-kubernetes-14Learn more about the technology behind Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres for Kubernetes and what it can do for your data.

      Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres 15 for Kubernetes
      Webinar Accelerate your Journey to Hybrid Cloud & Containerization
      Deploying Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres with OpenShift on IBM zLinux
      Documentation set

      Access the full documentation set of Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres for Kubernetes.

      Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres & PostgreSQL

      Enhanced open source PostgreSQL

      As an enterprise-enhanced version of PostgreSQL, Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres is hardened and ready for a wide range of applications, industries, and performance requirements. 

      Open source value, enterprise quality

      Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres enhances PostgreSQL with enterprise-ready features, support, performance, and availability to reduce costs compared to proprietary systems and eliminate vendor lock-in.

      Incorporating PostgreSQL

      Fujitsu incorporated PostgreSQL open source into its enterprise data management platform to embrace the concept of open source software (OSS) first.

      Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres hardware requirements

      img-deck-1st-page-hardware-requirementsFind out the hardware requirements to operate Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres effectively, with example server configurations.

      Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres concepts

      Fujitsu has enhanced the community PostgreSQL platform with greater speed, security and support so our enterprise clients can maximize their data value.


      Vertical Clustered Index

      In-Memory Columnar Index brochureVertical Clustered Index (VCI) is the proprietary implementation of In-Memory Columnar Index by Fujitsu to significantly improve aggregation processing and support HTAP workload. It can result in up to 5x performance gains.

      High-speed Backup / Recovery

      High-speed Backup/Recovery brochureData is the currency of the digital economy. Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres provides you the tools to implement a flexible and efficient backup/recovery plan that attends to your specific environment.

      Tip sheets

      Five reasons to choose Fujitsu for your enterprise-grade Postgres

      Your data is your organization’s most important asset. Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres
      combines everything businesses love about PostgreSQL with enterprise-
      grade security, scalability and resilience. Here’s 5 reasons why enterprises
      rely on Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres to manage and secure their data.

      Six tips to ensure database migration success

      If you are using a relational database as part of your digital landscape, then you'll likely be required to manage the migration of data at some stage. Here are six tips that can help you plan and deliver.

      Four tips for managing PostgreSQL in-house

      Managing in-house support of your PostgreSQL database may not sound like it requires a significant investment of time and money at first, but there is more to it than you think. 


      Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres Training

      Brochure: Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres Training ServiceEmpower your team with the practical knowledge and skills of PostgreSQL to unlock the full potential of Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres.

      Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres Data Migration

      Brochure: FUJITSU Enterprise Postgres Data MigrationMigrate your current database management system to Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres seamlessly with our Migration Assessment and Data Migration services.

      Database Migration Assessment

      Brochure: Database Migration AssessmentUse Fujitsu's Database Migration Assessment service to determine the feasibility of migrating your current database to Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres.

      Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres Optimization

      Brochure: FUJITSU Enterprise Postgres OptimisationWith access to some of the world’s top PostgreSQL talent, we’re able to help optimize your database instances with our Health Check and Operations Review.

      Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres on IBM LinuxONE 

      Improving your organization's data performance

      Check the benchmarking results of Fujitsu's High-speed Data Load and HTAP workloads using Vertical Clustered Index running Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres on IBM LinuxONE.

      Maximize and secure your enterprise data value

      Check how Fujitsu  Enterprise Postgres on IBM LinuxONE embraces open source and improves data security, performance, and business continuity for your organization.

      Embracing open data innovation

      Learn how the combination of open source adoption with the enterprise backing of Fujitsu and IBM provides unique benefits for your company.

      Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres on IBM LinuxONE datasheet

      Get all the facts about and capabilities of Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres on IBM LinuxONE.

      Maximize the potential of your data

      Bring power, resilience, security and automation for your data with Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres with SUSE Linux Enterprise on IBM LinuxONE.

      Documentation set

      Access the full documentation set of Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres on IBM LinuxONE.

      Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres on IBM Power®

      Postgres to the power of Fujitsu

      Find out how the platform delivers enterprise infrastructure combined with enhanced Postgres database designed to deliver superior performance in hybrid cloud environments.

      Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres on IBM Power® datasheet

      Get all the facts about and capabilities of Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres on IBM Power®.

      Documentation set

      Access the full documentation set of Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres on IBM Power®.



      Self-Assessment Tool - walkthru

      Duration - 9:15

      Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres 15 - webinar

      Duration - 36:21

      Using Data Masking in the OpenShift Container Platform

      Duration - 18:19

      Transparent Data Encryption in the OpenShift Container Platform

      Duration - 23:41

      Suse Rancher demo

      Duration - 6:54

      Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres for Kubernetes demo

      Duration - 14:10

      Deploying Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres with OpenShift on IBM zLinux

      Duration - 36:31

      Webinars and interviews

      Fujitsu contribution to PostgreSQL

      Duration - 19:23

      Interview - Danielle Shields and Tim Steward talk to Futurum Research

      Duration - 21:52

      Interview - Marcos Figueiredo talks to Techstrong.tv

      Duration - 19:5

      Webinar - Transforming application and enterprise data with security

      Duration - 43:34

      Webinar - Agile, available, and secure: Exploring the new era of data management with IBM and Fujitsu

      Duration - 57:09

          Webinar - Accelerate your journey to hybrid cloud & containerization

      Duration - 47:53


      Migration Portal

      Duration - 2:58

      Beyond green computing with Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres on IBM LinuxONE

      Duration - 0:49


      Install patches to Fujitsu Enteprise Postgres

      Duration - 10:45

      Major version upgrade

      Duration - 11:48


      Custom HTAP Performance Benchmarking Tool

      The tool is designed to test the Hybrid Transactional/ Analytical Processing capability of RDBM Systems by executing TPC-C benchmark and 22 Analytical SQLs (TPC-H like) concurrently.

      Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres trial version

      Download the fully-featured version with enterprise-grade features. Valid for 90 days.

      Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres documentation

      Documentation for newer versions of Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres can be accessed here >.


      PostgreSQL documentation

      PostgreSQL 15.0

      Full documentation of PostgreSQL 15.0

      PostgreSQL 14.0

      Full documentation of PostgreSQL 14.0

      PostgreSQL 13.1

      Full documentation of PostgreSQL 13.1

      PostgreSQL 12.5

      Full documentation of PostgreSQL 12.5

      PostgreSQL 12.1

      Full documentation of PostgreSQL 12.1

      PostgreSQL 11.1

      Full documentation of PostgreSQL 11.1

      PostgreSQL 10.3

      Full documentation of PostgreSQL 10.3

      PostgreSQL 10.3

      Full documentation of PostgreSQL 10.3

      PostgreSQL 9.6.2

      Full documentation of PostgreSQL 9.6.2

      PostgreSQL 9.5.2

      Full documentation of PostgreSQL 9.5.2

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      Read our most recent articles regarding all aspects of PostgreSQL and Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres.