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Data Masking helps organisations better protect their customers' sensitive data.  

Help protect against a data breach with Data Masking

The new Privacy Amendment (Notifiable Data Breaches) Act 2017 launched in Australia on 22 February 2018 makes doing whatever you can to avoid a breach of sensitive data more important than ever. Public and private firms that operate in the European Union will also be subject to the General Data Protection Regulation starting in May 2018. Data Masking can help.

Download this easy-to-read white paper to learn: 

  • What contributes to organisational non-compliance with data governance regulations
  • Why you need to implement best practice for sensitive data using procedures such as Data Masking
  • How Fujitsu has deployed Data Masking inside FUJITSU Enterprise Postgres
Complete the form, download the white paper, and feel free to call us on +612 9452 9191 if you need any assistance deploying Data Masking within your database environment. 

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