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    Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres
    for Kubernetes


    Experience operator capabilities for provisioning and managing database operations with a full-featured, 30 days trial of Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres on the OpenShift Container Platform.
    Fast-paced, business-ready database that integrates container operation (operational automation) technology for rapid development-to-production deployments with fast-evolving, open PostgreSQL.

    • Leverages open container technology to enable a cloud shift without being tied to a cloud vendor
    • Quickly deploy from development to operations
    • Responsiveness to rapid system changes and growth
    • Reduced operational load on the Database Administrator with containerized database - Focus on application development and migration (upper layer development) for faster digital transformation
    • Protects data from threats such as theft and falsification and ensures stable operation
    • Certified as a Red Hat OpenShift operator

    Software Evaluation License Agreement

    Please read this document carefully before downloading the program. By downloading the program, you agree to the terms of this document.

    Click here to see the Software Evaluation License Agreement.

    Contact us if you have any questions.

    If you already downloaded the trial version, you can find the installation instructions here.

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