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    FUJITSU Enterprise Postgres for Kubernetes provides an enterprise platform for provisioning and managing your FUJITSU Enterprise Postgres database on OpenShift Container Platform.

    It provides the features and operational simplicity required to maximize the benefits of enterprise PostgreSQL solutions, and automates updates for FUJITSU Enterprise Postgres.

    Available as a multi-architecture operator built for both amd64 and s390x.

    Features & benefits

    Advanced Security

    FUJITSU Enterprise Postgres provides powerful tools to protect organization from database security threats – Transparent Data Encryption to protect data at rest, Data Masking to redact data in-flight, and the Dedicated Audit Log to record database access and monitor suspicious/unauthorized activity. Backed up with Fujitsu Warranted Postgres Code.

    High Availability

    Ensure your data availability from pre-configured, high available PostgreSQL cluster. A master and two replicas enabling automated failover, manual switch over, auto recovery. Async and sync replications are supported, with flexibility by dynamic configuration.

    Backup and Restore

    Backup available with Point-in-time-recovery (PITR). Configurable for daily, weekly, monthly or any day/time backup, incremental and full backups to meet business requirements.

    Load Balancing

    Optimize the use of available resources which delivers improved performance and reliability.

    Rolling Update

    Update the environment safely with rolling update among the master and replicas.

    • Hybrid, platform-independent, multi-cloud database
    • Fast-paced, business-ready database that integrates container operation (operational automation) technology for rapid development-to-production deployments with fast-evolving, open PostgreSQL
    • Leverages open container technology to enable a cloud shift without being tied to a cloud vendor
    • Reduced operational load on the Database Administrator with containerized database - Focus on application development and migration for faster DX
    icon-k8s-features-up-and-running-in-minutesUp and running in minutes
    • Easy to find - easy to use - full-featured
    • Multiple versions, multiple namespaces
    icon-k8s-features-portabilityPortability for the enterprise
    • Deploy across platforms with consistent data and security
    icon-k8s-features-enhanced-for-openshiftEnhanced for OpenShift
    • Operator Lifecycle Manager
    • Simple setup
    • GUI or command line interface
    • Integration into DevOps environment
    icon-k8s-features-solution-assuranceSolution assurance
    • Solution assurance with quality development and technical collaboration with IBM and Red Hat
    • Certified by Red Hat for OpenShift
    • Multi-arc container Operator – supports X86 and IBM LinuxONE™

    Benefits at a glance

    • Native - Runs solutions that support PostgreSQL as a platform
    • Secure - Transparent Data Encryption, Data Masking, Dedicated Audit Log
    • Fast - HTAP workload capabilities with Fujitsu's In-Memory Columnar Index
    • Portable - Supports hybrid platforms, built for amd64 and s390x


    Leveraged by the OpenShift Container Platform, FUJITSU Enterprise Postgres for Kubernetes is a hybrid multi-cloud database that integrates container operation for rapid deployments.


    See FUJITSU Enterprise Postgres for Kubernetes in action





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