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      Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres - the hybrid/multi-cloud Postgres solution available to anyone, anywhere.

      Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres for Kubernetes supports the transition to meet hybrid/multi-cloud requirements.

      Deploy and scale applications with shorter development cycles and streamlined operations leveraging Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres Operator automation capabilities.

      Available as a multi-architecture operator built for Intel, AMD, IBM LinuxONE™ and IBM Power®.
      Supported on major orchestrated Kubernetes services.


      Containerize. Modernize. Automate.
      Designed for digital services infrastructure
      Responsiveness to rapid system changes and business growth
      Reduced operational overheads
      icon-start-smallStart small and grow
      • Quickly deploy from development to operations
      • Easily scale as your business grows
      icon-reduced-operational-loadReduce operational load
      • Reduce the operational load on Database Administrators by automating operations such as failover, recovery, and back up
      • Metrics monitoring, alerts, and auto-scaling
      icon-k8s-avoid-vendor-lock-inAvoid vendor lock-in
      • Leverage open container technology to move to the cloud without being locked to cloud vendors
      icon-k8s-security-and-reliabilityEnsure security & reliability for business continuity
      • Protects data against external and internal threats including malware and ransomware attacks
      • Maintain confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data in case of malicious and accidental data theft or loss 
      • Security policy monitoring and audit log automation for governance.
      icon-k8s-ensured-qualityLeverage quality and compatibility
      • Certified with Red Hat OpenShift Operator Certification
      • Tested and supported on SUSE Rancher and VMWare Tanzu
      • Multi-arc container Operator – supports Intel, AMD, IBM LinuxONE™, and IBM Power®
      Containerize. Modernize. With Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres for Kubernetes.

      img-flyer-1st-page-fep-for-k8s-15Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres for Kubernetes is a hybrid multi-cloud database that integrates container operation for rapid deployments on Red Hat OpenShift, SUSE Rancher, and VMWare Tanzu.

      Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres for Kubernetes Datasheet

      datasheet-fep-for-kubernetes-15Get all the facts about how Fujitsu extends its own technologies to embrace containers and deliver a database system with virtualization technology.

      Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres for Kubernetes Technical Presentation

      img-deck-technical-presentation-fep-for-kubernetes-14Learn more about the technology behind Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres for Kubernetes and what it can do for your data.


      Demo Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres 15 - The hybrid multi-cloud you can rely on

      The release of Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres 15 continues our commitment to protecting data, with the addition of key security features in a hybrid multi-cloud product that delivers enhanced performance, availability, and portability to meet the needs of critical business environments.

      In this demo, we show you how to:

      • Enable audit log automation, to detect and responds to unauthorized access or incorrect operation
      • Set up cloud-based secrets management

      Demo Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres on OpenShift Container Platform

      Operators come in different maturity levels regarding their lifecycle management capabilities. Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres for Kubernetes is Level V-certified, with the world's first multi-architecture operator certification.

      In this demo, we show you how to:

      • Deploy Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres Operator on OpenShift Container Platform
      • Check if the database replica is working
      • Configure unique security features Transparent Data Encryption icon-external-link-02-variation-02 and  Data Masking icon-external-link-02-variation-02
      • Add Vertical Clustered Index icon-external-link-02-variation-02  to a column and check the performance improvement in HTAP workloads
      • Use the monitoring features in conjunction with Grafana
      • Set up auto-scaling features and see it in action as workload increases

      Webinar Accelerate Your Journey to Hybrid Cloud & Containerization

      This session discusses the challenges to reach true hybrid cloud at speed, which requires a high level of automation and integration, and how Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres for Kubernetes is pre-enabled with the following key features:

      • Deep insights
      • Increased Agility through portability
      • Security pre-enabled
      • Resilience & high availability
      • Robust open data platform

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