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    Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres on IBM Power®
    Postgres to the power of Fujitsu

    Enterprise infrastructure combined with enhanced Postgres database designed to deliver superior performance in hybrid cloud environments

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    Fujitsu's flagship database management system combines the strength of open source PostgreSQL with Fujitsu database technologies.

    Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres is an ANSI-compliant enhanced true native PostgreSQL, combining the strength of open source PostgreSQL with added enterprise-grade features for security, HTAP workloads, High Availability, and mission-critical systems.

    IBM Power®icon-elephant-gradient-red-and-orange-on-power-01

    IBM Power® systems are architected to economically scale mission-critical data-intensive applications, either virtual-machine based or containerized.

    Highly secure and automated servers, designed with OpenStack-based cloud management, provide flexibility during the transition to cloud infrastructure.

    Features and benefits
    Unique security implementation
    Out-of-the-box features meet all hybrid cloud requirements for enhanced security performance, including Transparent Data Encryption, Data Masking, and Dedicated Audit Logs. PCI DSS-compliant.
    Digital transformation
    Build applications on high- performance OCP Power10 infrastructure. Accelerate DX and provide superior developer experience. Flexible deployment/maintenance and distribution of apps across environments.
    Business continuity / containerization
    Refactor your apps into containerized microservices to leverage open container technology hosted on premise, or on the cloud. These capabilities are available globally, independent of platform or vendor.
    Business advantages
    Reduced cost
    Save up to 80% per year on TCO compared to proprietary databases with similar features, inc. licensing, operating, and support - along with the reliability of the combined IBM and Fujitsu technology benefit.
    Open source
    Cloud-native PostgreSQL open environment delivers cost-effective, innovative solutions, without compromising on security and compliance requirements for mission-critical workloads.
    Risk mitigation
    The Fujitsu/ IBM partnership offers a combined 49 years of Postgres and data management software development experience. World-class expertise in enterprise-scale databases, relying on proven migration processes.
    Expertise and support
    24 x 7 x 365 support
    Our dedicated team of PostgreSQL experts offers superior support with on-site expert services.
    Flexible plans tailored to customer needs available.
    Unlock the true potential of your team and gain deeper understanding of PostgreSQL and Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres with our courses tailored for DBAs, architects, and developers.
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    Expert services
    Maintain a compliant, performant database using our expertise and experience. Our team offers the services to cover your needs. Includes: Implementation, Performance Tuning & Optimization, Migration Assessment, and Migration.
    Suited for mission-critical data foundations
    Secure all layers of IT hardware and software stack
    Superior all-around performance
    Hybrid cloud
    Hybrid cloud experience designed for agility
    Streamline insights and automation
    Industry-leading reliability
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