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    Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres on IBM LinuxONE™

    Trial a fully-featured version of Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres on IBM LinuxONE™ for 90 days, a world-class platform that embraces open source and improves data security, performance, and business continuity for your organization.
    It gives you the best of open source flexibility with the peace of mind that comes from knowing that it is backed by 2 industry giants, Fujitsu and IBM.

    • Transparent Data Encryption and Data Masking, with IBM LinuxONE™ CryptoCard integration with data privacy encryption for DevSecOps
    • 3.9x+ faster HTAP workloads in large data sets with Vertical Clustered Index and in-memory analytics acceleration. 8.4x times faster bulk data load.
    • 99.999% availability, with Disaster Recovery, Mirroring Controller, and Redundant Array of Independent Memory to meet High Availability requirements
    • Robust architecture that can run production workloads using commercially-licensed Linux software side-by-side with open source workload

    Software Evaluation License Agreement

    Please read this document carefully before downloading the program. By downloading the program, you agree to the terms of this document.

    Click here to see the Software Evaluation License Agreement.

    Contact us if you have any questions.

    If you already downloaded the trial version, you can find the installation instructions here.

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