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    FUJITSU Enterprise Postgres is the enhanced version of PostgreSQL, for enterprises seeking a more robust, secure, and fully supported edition for business-critical applications.

    Here are the key features of FUJITSU Enterprise Postgres, the open source based database system designed to deliver the Quality of Service (QoS) that enterprises demand of their databases in the digital world, while supporting the openness and extensibility expected of open source platforms, all at a lower cost than traditional enterprise databases.

    It is an enhanced distribution of PostgreSQL, the open source database platform, with improvements to support enterprise-level workloads and provide improved Deployment and Management, Availability, Performance, Data Governance, and Security, above and beyond the standard community edition of PostgreSQL.

    5 Key capabilities for today's enterprise workloads

    Compare the features of the latest versions here

    Reliability and High Availability
    Mirroring Controller
    Mirroring Controller is key in maintaining the high availability, business continuity, and integrity of your data. It continually monitors your system looking for a range of issues, and seamlessly switches to an alternate database server should an abnormality be detected.
    High Availability
    High Availability enables continuous job processing with minimum downtime when an error occurs. Synchronize data between servers, protecting important data from failures. Switches to the secondary server within a few seconds after a failure occurs on the primary server.  
    Connection Manager
    This is a unique feature of FUJITSU Enterprise Postgres that allows application access and replication operation to be continued without being aware of the connection destination of the applications. In case of failure, Connection Manager reclaims SQL connections with the client and notifies applications of the error.
    High-Speed Backup/Recovery
    Enables backup/recovery of clusters and selected tablespaces using any copy method specified by the user, to replace the conventional, file-level copy process and allow TB-scale operations.
    WAL duplication
    Solves PostgreSQL's single point of failure which can occur in case of disk failure because Write-Ahead Logging (WAL) is not duplicated. With FUJITSU Enterprise Postgres, WAL is duplicated in order to avoid data loss.
    • When a client error occurs, forces a reclaim of the SQL connection with the client
    • When a server error occurs, the application is notified as an SQL error.
    • Applications connect to the appropriate server without being aware of the server state (primary or standby)
    Enterprise-grade Security
    Transparent Data Encryption
    Encrypts data at rest using Advanced Encryption Standard, a PCI DSS-compliant 256-bit encryption technology that is standard for the credit card industry. Existing applications do not need to be changed because data is automatically encrypted/decrypted.
    Data Masking
    Policy-based data redaction on returned queries minimizes security risk by enabling user-based confidentiality, altering original data while maintaining its usability. It uses a powerful yet user-friendly policy approach that allows flexibility in the redaction of different types of data to different types of roles.
    Dedicated Audit Log
    Extends OSS PostgreSQL audit log, delivering in the key areas of data accountability, traceability, and the ability to audit. Compliant with all PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) requirements. Allows faster and easier analysis of audit log records.
    Governance & Data Privacy
    FUJITSU Enterprise Postgres' unique security features takes PostgreSQL to the next level to protect you from data breaches and ensure you comply with data protection regulations such as GDPR.
    Enhanced Performance
    In-Memory Columnar Index
    Provides almost 5x faster analytical queries for jobs with large amounts of data. Supports Hybrid Transactional Analytical Processing (HTAP) workloads to help businesses make more timely decisions.
    High-Speed Data Load
    This unique feature uses several parallel workers to perform data conversion, table creation, and index creation simultaneously. It makes the best use of available resources without the need to pre-configure and tune your environment.
    Parallel Scan
    Achieves high speed and stable operation through effective use of resources. In addition to PostgreSQL's parallel search, provides the ability to control the optimal degree of parallelism. Prevents resource contention, provides stable performance, and enables efficient scheduled aggregation and batch processing.
    Global Meta Cache
    Reduces overall system memory usage by caching information about system catalogs and table definition in global memory instead of client process memory. This is especially useful in environments with large databases and large number of connections.
    Interoperability / Application Development
    Oracle compatibility
    A ready-made alternative to Oracle for larger enterprise customers, with 90% compatibility attained for common applications, it also offers enhanced compatibility when migrating from Oracle systems.
    Our Migration Assessment outlines the requirements for your organization to migrate from Oracle.
    Integration with ODBC, JDBC, and .NET Framework
    Applications written in a variety of programming languages can access the database.
    They provide high-performance connectivity solutions to access the data in a fast and easy way.
    Embedded SQL in C and COBOL
    Programs written in C and COBOL can access data using embedded SQL with little to no modification.
    Category Item
    SQL Queries Outer join operator (+)
    DUAL table
    Functions DECODE
    Package UTL_FILE
    Backed by Fujitsu
    Fujitsu Services
    With access to some of the world’s top PostgreSQL talent, we can ensure that your system is ready for business. We can determine how well your system is performing, where efficiencies can be made moving forward, and how to minimize the risk of data breaches.
    24 x 7 Support
    Put our highly skilled software support engineers on your side with Fujitsu PostgreSQL Support plan.
    Our support plans are a cost-effective way to support your open-source PostgreSQL database and deliver the high availability and fast performance that users demand.
    • Health Check – Identifies potential issues in your database before they become a problem, and offers practical solutions. Read more >
    • Operations Review – Helps you streamline your system using best-practice guidelines. Read more >
    • Consulting – Provides strategic advice to ensure your database system is fully meeting the needs of your organization. Read more >
    • Migration Assessment – Determines the feasibility of transferring your data to FUJITSU Enterprise Postgres. It outlines what can be migrated automatically without modification, what needs to be modified, and what resources will be required after migration. Read more >
    • Database Migration – Carries out the physical transfer of your data smoothly and seamlessly, providing all the necessary training and support. Upon completion, we provide a comprehensive report stating exactly what was in the original database, what was moved, and what is now in your new database, so all your data is accounted for throughout the process. Read more >

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    Visit our Resources page to learn more about FUJITSU Enterprise Postgres and its advanced security, high availability, and improved performance capabilities.

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