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      See how the Mirroring Controller in Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres works to ensure business continuity when an abnormality is detected.

      In our demanding world of digital business, users expect IT services to always be available and function as anticipated. However, we all know things can, and do, go wrong. That's why you need technology such as the Mirroring Controller found in Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres.

      Continuity is crucial, and data must flow.

      Enter Mirroring Controller, just one of the enhanced features provided by Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres. Mirroring Controller is key in maintaining the high availability, business continuity and integrity of your data.

      With Mirroring Controller, Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres continually monitors your system looking for a range of issues, and then seamlessly switches to an alternate database server should an abnormality be detected. Such abnormalities might include:

      • Power supply disruption
      • Hardware failure
      • Network failure
      • Site failure
      • Software component error
      • Unplanned transactional volume
      • Human error

      Resuming stability without loss of data is critical

      When an outage occurs, it's imperative that business operations be redirected quickly and automatically to an alternate database that contains current and consistent data. Databases that operate within mission-critical systems typically run in an architecture with purpose-built redundancy ensuring that stability can be resumed while avoiding irreversible loss of data.

      Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres adopts such an approach by simplifying the setup of a multi-instance replication cluster that replicates data by streaming it from the primary to standby instances. If the primary server fails or becomes unavailable, client applications (online or batch) can be automatically switched to a standby instance to achieve seamless availability of service and maintain business continuity.

      Mirroring Controller performs 2 main functions

      Mirroring Controller within the database management system continually monitors your system to switch online transaction processing to a standby server seamlessly should an abnormality is detected. This functionality ensures business continuity and is a must-have for high-availability, mission-critical systems, that by definition requires maximum uptime. It achieves this outcome via two main functions:

      1. System Monitoring

      The Mirroring Controller agents constantly monitor your operating system, server, disk, network, and database, and notify you if something is amiss. The agents are specifically checking for:

      • Operating system or server failures, and no-response state
      • Database process failures, and no-response state
      • Disk failure
      • Streaming replication issues
      • Mirroring Controller process failure and no response

      2. Automatic switch/disconnect

      If an abnormality is detected, Mirroring Controller performs automatic switch/disconnect — if the primary server fails, processing is automatically switched to the standby server to ensure operational continuity, and the primary server is disconnected.

      Diagram: How MIrroring Controller WorksYou also have the option of switching from the primary server to the standby server manually should you prefer the Mirroring Controller to not do so automatically.

      The Mirroring Controller installed on each database server contains agents that communicate with each other to continually monitor server processes and operating system, network, and disk state. They even monitor the actual Mirroring Controller processes themselves.

      Mirroring Controller is in Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres

      Mirroring Controller is one of the features included in Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres, and another way to harden your PostgreSQL for mission-critical data. Ensuring the continuity of critical business systems has never been more important. Contact us to discuss how Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres can help your organisation achieve success in today's digital age.



      This is one of a series of blogs in which we highlight a range of features in Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres that extend the reliability and performance of PostgreSQL, the open source database management system on which it is based. These features provide enhanced operational continuity, greater security and improved performance.

      Topics: Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres, Business 4.0, Business continuity, Mirroring Controller

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