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    FUJITSU Enterprise Postgres contains a number of unique features that have been developed for the rigour and demands of enterprise organisations with mission-critical applications and performance goals. Here are the details on just a few.

    FUJITSU Enterprise Postgres 

    FUJITSU Enterprise Postgres enhances PostgreSQL with enterprise-ready features, support, performance, and availability to reduce costs compared to proprietary systems and eliminate vendor lock-in.


    Transparent Data Encryption

    Fujitsu's Transparent Data Encryption protects your data at rest with 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard, with minimum impact in overhead and no requirement to change existing applications. 


    Data Masking

    Protect sensitive customer data and the threat of breach when sharing your database for the purpose of application development and testing. 


    High Availability 

    Ensure your database management platform contains the feature-sets you need to deliver the level of fault tolerance and robustness that business demands today.


    Dedicated Audit Log

    Ensure your database management system has the mechanisms that can track and analyse when and how what data was accessed, and by whom. 


    Mirroring Controller

    Ensure your IT services are always available with this unique feature designed to deliver fault tolerance and high availability. 


    In-Memory Columnar Index

    Support your emerging Hybrid Transactional Analytical Processing (HTAP) workloads with FUJITSU Enterprise Postgres Vertical Clustered Index, so both OLAP and OLTP can process simultaneously without compromise. 


    High-Speed Data Load 

    Load bulk data using as many parallel processes as possible without the need to pre-configure and tune your environment beforehand. 


    Embedded SQL in C and COBOL

    Reuse your C and COBOL programs with little to no modification when deploying FUJITSU Enterprise Postgres.