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    Secured & Governed

    • Secure your data with PCI DSS-compliant 256-bit transparent data encryption
    • Govern access with in-built data masking
    • Monitor and audit data access

    Secures your data with transparent encryption capabilities, encrypting all business data in the database from theft, and ensuring backups and logs are secured.

    Enables you to govern access to your data and ensure it is appropriately masked or redacted, ensuring that data privacy and confidentiality are observed as required by business policy or law.

    Open & Compatible

    • Open source PostgreSQL language
    • Compatible with NoSQL and Oracle

    Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres is based on PostgreSQL, a feature-rich open source database management system, used by millions of users globally.

    Inherits all the vitality and benefits of an open source platform built by a diverse and rich community, just like Linux.

    Implements and supports PostgreSQL SQL language for easy portability and no functional locking on application language support.

    Supports Linux and Windows platforms.

    Now also available and optimized for IBM LinuxONE™.

    Accelerate & Analyze

    • Accelerated for HTAP and Warehousing workloads
    • Analyze transactional data in-memory with Python

    Vertical Cluster Indexing (VCI) delivers Hybrid Transactional Analytical Processing (HTAP) workloads in-memory while accelerating data warehouse workload.

    Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres packages Postgres Python then enables embedded deep analytics programming inside the database for programmers to embed learned data science algorithms in their database applications.

    External data platform access such as Hadoop enables Postgres applications to extend their analysis for Logical Data Warehouse scenarios.

    Multi-Modal & Extensible

    • Extend the reach of your data to BigData, Spatial, etc
    • Multi-Modal and extensible

    Multi-modal support to both SQL and NoSQL languages, and workloads including native JSON/BSON data support.

    Inherits the extensibility of PostgreSQL to support different workloads, functions, and data types — from BigData/ Hadoop integration, to supporting Spatial, Time Series, and other open source extensions.

    Reliable & Available

    • Enterprise workload test and quality controlled
    • Enhanced availability, disaster recovery, and resilience
    • Enterprise Console Management

    Contains enhanced features such as In-Memory Columnar Index and high performance loading technologies, plus additional enterprise workload testing at each release to ensure enterprise workload readiness.

    Highly available platform supporting the availability and disaster recovery scenarios demanded by businesses today.

    Enterprise service levels are supported with the Enterprise Web Administration (EWA) console in Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres to manage your portfolio of PostgreSQL databases.

    Globally supported with 24/7 plans.

    Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres is based on PostgreSQL, a feature-rich open source database management system, used by millions of users globally. It provides a flexible and reliable solution that delivers on the 5 key capabilities required by today’s enterprise workload.

    As an enhanced distribution of PostgreSQL, it supports enterprise-level workloads and provides improved Deployment and Management, Availability, Performance, Data Governance, and Security, at levels above and beyond the standard community edition of PostgreSQL.

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