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      Are you considering a database migration? We can help.

      Here you can obtain the information you need to assess your migration to Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres.

      Why Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres?
      We offer an enterprise-enhanced version of the open-source Postgres. Backed by Fujitsu, and with enhanced security, performance, and portability.
      Self-service assessment
      Trying to decide whether to migrate to Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres? Let us help you with our simple-to-use self-service assessment tool. With a few steps you will receive a free report with details of what modifications will be required for migration.
      Talk to an expert
      Do you have a complex migration project on the case? Here you can get in touch with a seasoned database migration expert?


      Self-Assessment Tool
      Simply upload your source files and we will provide a roadmap for your database object migration.

      Use our Self-Assessment Tool to determine the conversion steps of migrating your current database to Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres.

      The assessment will provide a clear picture of what will be required for your successful migration, with a free report detailing what can be migrated automatically without modification, and which modifications should be made to your source files.

      Submit your database schema files (DDLs of the database objects and stored procedures), and the tool will produce a comprehensive report listing which parts can be kept as is, and which parts will need to be modified, with details on how to convert the syntax.

      Are you not sure if a self-assessment is the right way to go?

      Fujitsu has a team of database experts ready to help you. With vast experience in database migrations, our team can act on your behalf and perform the Migration Assessment.

      The Self-Assessment tool provides a detailed migration roadmap to ensure smooth and effective end-to-end migration to Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres.
      We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions for your convenience. Our FAQ is a great resource to answer your questions.
      Still not clear if the tool generates the level of details and information you need? Have a look at examples of output reports here.
      One of our database experts takes you though the steps so you can see for youself how quick and easy it is - and it's free!.