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    Determine the feasibility of transferring your data to Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres.

    The first step to knowing if the latest database technology is suitable for your organization is assessing whether your data can be transferred securely.

    Our Migration Assessment service will outline:

    • what can be migrated automatically without modification
    • what needs to be modified
    • what resources will be required to execute a successful migration

    This takes place in 3 stages.

    1. Using your database schema files and the application source code, we analyze your database environment, assessing infrastructure, schema, and applications.

    2. Based on the analysis, we provide a detailed report, stating whether your data can be migrated successfully to Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres.

    3. Once this has been established, we provide a roadmap to ensure smooth migration for your data and provide an estimated cost of migration.

    Data Migration Overview

    Database Migration Overview

    Fujitsu can assist with migrating data from all major vendor databases to Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres. 

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    Database Migration

    Database Migration

    Fujitsu has the database experts, tools, and processes to migrate your database quickly and efficiently.

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    FUJITSU Enterprise Postgres Overview

    Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres Overview

    Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres is a highly reliable and robust relational database with enterprise-grade features based on the open-source system — PostgreSQL.

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    Contact us if you have any questions about our Migration Assessment service.

    Benefits at a glance

    • Work with PostgreSQL experts
    • Understand what is involved
    • Receive a detailed report with estimated costs

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