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      With access to some of the world’s top PostgreSQL talent, you can be sure your data is ready for business.

      Implementing, configuring and maintaining a secure, standards-compliant Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres database requires diligence and expertise. Thankfully, Fujitsu’s highly experienced team of PostgreSQL experts is here to help.

      We offer a wide range of professional services so that your organization can get the most out of Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres. Whether you are considering the move from proprietary solutions to enterprise-ready open source technology, or have already made the move and are working on further modernization initiatives, Fujitsu is here to help.

      Our suite of services

      • Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres Architecture Review – Do you want to make sure your architecture is meeting all of your system requirements? Let Fujitsu experts help by providing advice on the best database architecture design by reviewing and assessing your system.
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      • Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres Software Implementation - Utilize Fujitsu experts to implement and configure Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres according to your business needs. We will hand over environment so that your team can get started and not have to worry about installation and setup.
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      • Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres Performance Tuning and Optimization - Do you want to ensure that your database is delivering its full potential? Fujitsu experts can guide you to quickly resolve performance issues and to make adjustments recommended for best performance.
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      • Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres Health Check - Do you want to make sure your database system is running at optimum efficiency for your system requirements? Fujitsu experts can diagnose your database to identify potential issues and offer practical recommendations.
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      • Fujitsu Database Migration Assessment – If your organization is considering the move from a proprietary database to a more flexible, cost-effective arrangement, Fujitsu can determine the feasibility of migration.
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      • Fujitsu Database Migration – We can execute the physical transfer of your data smoothly and seamlessly, providing all the necessary support.
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      • Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres Expert Service – Fujitsu experts will assist your team to perform activities related to Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres. This includes additional design and implementation activities, as well as working with external tools and third-party products.
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      We encourage you to explore these options in more detail.

      If you have any questions, be sure to contact us directly. 

      Benefits at a glance

      • Get Fujitsu experts on your side for data modernization
      • Adopt industry best practices for enterprise security, resilience, and performance
      • On-demand database expertise tailored to your needs

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