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    Transferring your data to a reliable and secure destination is easy with Fujitsu

    Organizations embarking on a digital transformation will need to consider moving data at some point. You may be modernizing your architecture, consolidating a range of databases, or simply wanting to reduce your total cost of ownership by changing to a more affordable provider. If you’ve decided to embrace the benefits of Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres, we can help with every step of data migration.

    The key is to minimize the risks with careful planning, and maximize the results with skillful execution. Fujitsu has the database experts, tools, and processes to ensure your data is moved quickly and efficiently, minimizing the impact to your daily operations.

    We provide a comprehensive Migration Assessment to determine the feasibility of the transfer. Based on the results, we can then work with your organization to develop an appropriate migration strategy. The final step is the actual Database Migration, which includes verification that all data has been successfully transferred to your new database.

    A strong support element is essential to any successful migration. Our database experts are on hand to answer your questions and ensure peace of mind at every stage of the process.


    Migration Assessment

    Looking to transfer your data to a more cost-effective system? Find out if you’re ready.

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    Database Migration

    Fujitsu has the database experts, tools and processes to migrate your database quickly and efficiently.

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    Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres Overview

    Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres is a mission-critical enterprise database that is compatible with PostgreSQL and offers considerable cost savings over other major vendor databases, without vendor lock-in.

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    Contact us to discuss the benefits of database migration.

    Benefits at a glance

    • Work with PostgreSQL experts
    • Check in advance the feasibility of moving
    • Know your data is secure

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