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      Fastest. Most secure. Most reliable.

      Fujitsu's enterprise-ready PostgreSQL is now available on IBM LinuxONE, a server known for its security and resilience.

      Announcing the only open source native enterprise-class PostgreSQL available on IBM LinuxONE. Our market-leading features include enhanced security, scalability and reliability, all designed for serious businesses.

      Portable. Secure and Fast. Built for Multicloud.

      • Unique security features

        The Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres industry-leading security features Transparent Data EncryptionIcon: External link, Data MaskingIcon: External link and Audit LogIcon: External link are now extended even further with Transparent Data Encryption integration with IBM LinuxONE’s Cryptocard, which provides encryption with FIPS 140-2 Level 4 certification. Enterprises can enjoy consistent security management of databases and applications while delivering operational simplicity, high availability and complete data privacy.

      • High performance for mixed workloads

        Picture: IBM LinuxONE™Complex mixed workloads? We can solve that.
        With Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres on IBM LinuxONE and the implementation of In-Memory Columnar Store (via Vertical Clustered Indexes) enterprises achieve improved OLTP and OLAP consolidation, leading to more efficient CPU utilization and reduction of operational costs by consolidation of sprawling database servers. Superior performance of bulk data is achieved with Fujitsu's High-speed Data Load on IBM LinuxONE™, which can bulk-load data more than 8 times fasterIcon: External link than in equivalent x86 Linux nodes.

      • Open Data, Open Innovation

        Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres on IBM LinuxONE embraces open source with the improved security, performance, scalability and resiliency only IBM LinuxONE™ can deliver, empowering organizations to create innovative cost-effective solutions for their mission-critical workloads. With Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres on IBM LinuxONE™ and Hyper Protect, data is fully and consistently protected across on-premise and cloud deployments for compliance, security and resiliency.

      • Transition from legacy to Open Source

        Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres on IBM LinuxONE provides a reliable and robust relational database solution for organizations that require strong security, data privacy, query performance and high availability. It is the only open source PostgreSQL that delivers enterprise-class features for significantly lower total cost of ownership compared to proprietary solutions.

      We offer simple Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres licensing - one part number, with subscription inclusive of all features for security, performance, high availability and support.

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      Read more about Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres on IBM LinuxONE here and in our Resource Centre.


      Topics: Data Masking, PostgreSQL performance, Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres, Vertical Clustered Index, High Availability, High-Speed Data Load, Dedicated Audit Log, Transparent Data Encryption, Security

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