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      Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres 15 SP2 was released in the beginning of this month. This release delivers extended automation and efficiency in building your robust solutions.

      Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres continues to strive towards our vision – to be the hybrid/multi-cloud Postgres that meets critical enterprise requirements for anyone, anywhere.
      The latest release allows efficient cluster recovery of applications along with their latest data in a single activity, using online backups and Velero.

      I am excited to introduce you to an enhancement in DR capabilities in our latest release, Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres 15 SP2.

      Increasing adoption of containerized business applications

      In the Age of Cloud Computing and the continued pursuit of agility, speed, and flexibility in business management, adoption of containerized environments have become prominent. With the increase of organizations selecting containerized environments for their stateful applications with persistent volumes, protecting and ensuring high availability for those workloads has become vital.

      Challenges of disaster recovery in the Kubernetes environment

      DR strategy for Kubernetes applications are best addressed by Kubernetes-centric solutions, because traditional DR approach for VMs do not apply for the way infrastructure and resources are used in Kubernetes. For example, Kubernetes applications are run utilizing underlying Kubernetes resources like metadata and persistent data stored outside of the application container. Also, manual approaches to DR do not sit well with the nature of Kubernetes systems, where the desired state for applications are orchestrated by automation.

      Why Velero?

      Fujitsu is committed to expanding the benefits of open-source technology, and Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres for Kubernetes is developed with active integration with surrounding open-source technologies and tools. Velero is an open-source tool specialized in backup and restore management of Kubernetes clusters, with Kubernetes-centric approach to handling all the resources involved in recovering a cluster.

      This means that the whole Kubernetes cluster (your solution) is backed up in a single backup activity. Velero also offers hooks which allows you to customize the backup and restore operations by adding custom tasks prior and post backup.

      Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres now supports Velero integration to further assist your organization in building a reliable DR strategy for your enterprise system.



      Key benefits of using Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres with Velero

      Disaster Recovery for your Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres system is simplified. Automatic backup for the database configuration and data is managed by Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres Operator. In addition, by leveraging Velero capabilities, Kubernetes resources including applications can be restored on the disaster site. For this to work, Velero is setup in advance on your production and disaster clusters, and backup of Kubernetes cluster information is taken and stored in your object storage. This means that another layer of recovery is covered in a single backup and restore activity – your application layer’s RTO and RPO can be considered and managed in closer conjunction with the database recovery. Furthermore, since Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres is capable of online backups, system recovery with the latest data is possible.

      Another use case of this mechanism is in the context of data migration. With enhanced cluster portability, migrating applications with their latest data on Kubernetes is made easier, which makes Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres your agile, flexible, future-proof data platform of choice.

      Learn more about Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres for Kubernetes here.

      We keep your data safe 

      The release of Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres 15 SP2 is another milestone in our continued commitment to protecting data that delivers enhanced availability and portability to meet the needs of critical business environments.

      For further information or to talk to one of our technical experts, contact us at enterprisepostgresql@fujitsu.com.

      Take it for a spin and see for yourself

      You can try Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres with a fully-featured trial version valid for 90 days to experience a frictionless hybrid cloud that can help you modernize to respond faster to business demands.

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      Aya Hoshino
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      Aya has been with the Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres team for 5 years, assisting in digital content maintenance and contributing to cross-regional projects with her communication and coordination skills.
      Leveraging her engagement with various teams within the product group, Aya is passionate about describing technical implementations with simple, fundamental concepts.
      Recently completed the certification for OSS-DB Silver Certified Engineer.
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