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      I find it very important to try to live with purpose, as it gives me a sense of direction and motivation in life. Can this outlook also be applied to a database? Is PostgreSQL a purpose driven database?


      Having a purpose can help guide your life decisions, influence behavior, shape goals, and offer a sense of direction. It may not be a stretch to put PostgreSQL under the microscope using this criteria.

      Postgres is known for being one of the most flexible databases around, with the ability to scale, mature, and continuously adapt to changes.

      What is it all about?

      img-businessman-looking-outside-office-windows-02-variation-02Our title makes the mind wonder - what exactly is a purpose driven database? And if there is such a thing, do I need it? Instead of wondering, just ask yourself this question: does my database have purpose?

      For many years, one of my favorite books has been The Purpose Driven Life written by Rick Warren, along with its condensed version What on Earth Am I Here For?, both very good and enlightening reads.

      If you are wondering how all this relates to databases, well, we will use similar chapter titles to explain why you need a purpose driven database for your workloads.

      It all starts with Postgres

      The life of a human being typically takes a 9-month period of gestation/preparation before its introduction to the world, and sometimes that appearance can come earlier. In the case of Postgres, it’s said that Michael Stonebreaker and his team spent 8 years, not months, developing the first iteration of Postgres. It may have been a little advanced for the world at that time. Yet, just as a human life takes years of development from infant to adulthood, so does the Postgres database.

      The writings of the famous System R Relational Approach to Database Management research were instrumental as Stonebreaker’s team at Berkley took on the mission to improve the Ingres database, allowing Postgres to be developed with a strong foundation.

      Fast forward to now, Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres leverages this sturdy bedrock, with a total understanding of the need within the industry for a data platform with no vendor lock-in.

      What drives your business?

      Capturing the right data can drive your business in multiple ways. For example, if you ask three people the same question, you may get different answers simply due to how the question is interpreted. That’s simple, but when the data collected is the demographics of your customers, containing everything from SSN to bank account and credit card numbers, this data can drive your business up or down.

      The price of data can be detrimental to the business if it’s in the wrong hands or if it can’t be accessed fast enough. Today, our data comes from various sources due to the mobile transaction generators we all carry allowing us to do banking, shopping, or just scrolling and liking posts. All this leads to the data and demographics of a business.

      Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres was built from a solid Postgres foundation for the future of your business, with key features built in from the ground up.

      Collection of mission-critical data that drives your business deserves protection, and we achieve that with the ability to leverage crypto card integration and easiliy implement Data Masking policies. With the rise of remote work and with employees making fewer trips to and from the office, data security becomes even more critical. Employees have figured out they can be remote from anywhere, be it working from home, sitting by the poolside, or on a remote island. Whether it’s a short or long day in the office, data at rest becomes more crucial to the business.

      Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres provides Transparent Data Encryption, allowing for high level of protection against data breaches and with PCI-DSS compliance features, and, more importantly, protection from your data being poolside in the wrong hands, driving your business into the deep water.

      Made to last forever

      img-construction-tools-with-postgresql-logo-01Life presents a need to constantly adapt to new situations, and this is even truer in business. One can’t afford to have stagnant technology within your infrastructure because it can limit the growth of the business and the people within it. Postgres was built with a solid foundation and is known for being one of the most flexible databases around, with the ability to scale, mature, and continuously adapt to changes.

      Yesterday you had a need for an OLTP database, but today you need to combine OLAP workloads within the same database. Having quick access to analytical data can be life-changing and reduce potential operating costs. This can be accomplished with the Vertical Clustered Index (Fujitsu’s implementation of In-Memory Columnar Index). Just imagine columnar workloads at your fingertips, retrieving data in real time with no need to wait for a batch process or ETL job to complete. A mixture of workloads with varying transactions and users banging on the system brings up the daunting worn most don’t like to speak about, which is performance. Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres allows you to relax and adapt with your business, as it provides the ability manage your CPU utilization through a degree of parallelism so that the optimal performance can be achieved through Parallel Scan.

      Throughout the years, Postgres has been able to adapt to the technical challenges. It started with Andrew Yu and Jolly Chen, who were two PhD students at the time. It was their changes that led the transition of Postgres to open source, much like the life of a business adopting an open source initiative, or now moving into a more cloud-native adoption, which may start from an ultrasound of Kubernetes or allowing OpenShift to be the guide you need. If automation adoption is needed in the area of quick implementation with easy backups and high availability, Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres delivers a Level V-certified operator for your container management.

      The reason for everything

      There was a time when space travel seemed light years away for the everyday human, yet a newborn today enters the world where the ability to enter space could be within reach by their first birthday. The reason for everything is simply time. No business can afford to wait until tomorrow or the next light year to prepare. The power of Postgres is the future, and the future is now.

      With over 30 years in database technology, over 20 years in Postgres development, and as a founding member of the Linux foundation, Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres is focused on security, performance, resilience, and automation, and delivers a Postgres solution for the business that’s serious about running true hybrid clouds or mission-critical workloads on everything from X86 to IBM Power® to IBM LinuxONE. Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres is truly a purpose driven database that can meet your needs.

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      Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres is an exceptionally reliable and robust relational database, created for organizations that require the highest levels of security, portability, and performance. Based on PostgreSQL and with additional enterprise-grade features, it supports enterprise-level workloads and ticks all the boxes on data governance, scalability, and and interoperability.

      If you would like to learn more, you can read all about Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres key features here.


      Topics: PostgreSQL, Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres, Enhanced enterprise open source database

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