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      Consider Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres when you're required to deliver both new solutions and services plus operational efficiencies. Here's why. 

      Although the potential for digital technology to create significant value is now more widely understood than ever, infrastructure and software continue to be commonly viewed as a cost centre to be cut by senior leaders.

      And in this environment, the Database Management System (DBMS) is often one of the most substantial single infrastructure costs. So it makes sense for a CIO to look again at the licensing, support and training expenses around their current database arrangements, and see what options they have to do better.

      By definition though, data infrastructure is critical for business operations. So there can be a general reluctance for many CIOs to move away from expensive proprietary DBMS vendors. Now you can though. Open source DBMSs such as PostgreSQL have been shown to reduce operating costs by up to a compelling 80% or more while eliminating proprietary vendor lock-in and providing excellent agility with technical teams able to quickly tap a worldwide community of developers.


      Step it up again with FujitsuEnterprise Postgres

      When more advanced enterprise features and support arrangements are required, then options such as Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres are available. This enterprise-grade database is based on PostgreSQL to deliver more advanced features such as 24/7 commercial support, technologies such as data masking, encryption and in-memory column store architecture, all while ticking the box for significant reductions in your total cost of ownership when considering license arrangements, support, training and more. 

      That can equate to millions of dollars moving from your software vendor to your organisation's bottom-line. It's also an opportunity to leverage the 35 years of experience Fujitsu has developing enterprise databases on the proven strength and reliability of PostgreSQL, for a secure, reliable, feature-rich enterprise-ready database. 

      Take a look and see

      Many organisations shy away from changing expensive proprietary DBMS vendors because the change process is perceived to be too risky, costly and difficult. This is not a good reason. Ask yourself what the cost of NOT doing it is? Can you afford not to? Can you afford to continue paying your current license fees? Your current support fees? 

      Vendor lock-in is also removed and you can access full compatibility with open source PostgreSQL databases. You can also access enhanced compatibility with major proprietary database systems using a library of tools that simplify the analysis, workload planning, execution and reporting.

      Above all else, an open source based database such as Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres is delivered by a safe pair of hands and an expert team of dedicated PostgreSQL professionals. You can also choose a flexible support plan that in turn allows your team to focus on the activities that drive real value, and ensure your database continues to operate with optimum efficiency.

      Our database experts are on hand to answer your questions should you wish to consider a migration to open source based solutions such as Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres for reduced cost of ownership, and enterprise grade support and technologies. Contact us here if you would like to discuss your requirements.



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