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    Need is the mother of all Inventions!! This is very true for PostgreSQL 10 Logical Replication.

    I am happy to share that I have been selected as one of the speakers at the prestigious PGDay Australia 2017. My chosen topic is: ‘Need is the mother of all inventions!! That is very true for PostgreSQL 10 Logical Replication’.

    As part of my pre-sales job, I meet many customers who have particular requirements for replication. At times I am asked whether they can replicate only a few objects such as a table for real-time data analytics. Others have more advanced requirements including the consolidation of multiple databases into one.

    This type of request was not possible with built-in streaming replication before the launch of PostgreSQL 10. Now, I can say 'yes,' thanks to a much-awaited feature of PostgreSQL 10 called Logical Replication.

    With logical replication, DBAs have the ability to control replication by table or by database, in cases selectively replicating individual items and aggregating data spread across multiple servers for queries. This feature can also be used to easily create standbys for near-zero downtime upgrades.

    Before PostgreSQL 10, built-in streaming replication was an all-time favourite HA solution. It was working well to fullfill the need to replicate master. The introduction of hot streaming replication added another feather to its cap and opened the way to use ideally sitting replica for read-only queries.

    However, there are many use-cases where this is not a good fit.

    If you have requirements that sound like these, then come and hear my presentation where I will:

    • discuss real-life use cases where logical replication is the best fit
    • outline where physical replication (streaming replication) does not suffice
    • showcase its need
    • demonstrate how to set it up, and
    • present a roadmap for the future.

    I look forward to meeting you in Melbourne at PGDay Australia.


    Topics: Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres, Enhanced enterprise open source database, PostgreSQL development

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