This year’s pgDay Asia conference is in Singapore on March 17-18, 2017, and Fujitsu is proud to be a Platinum sponsor.

FUJITSU Sponsors PgDay Asia  2017

As part of FOSSASIA 2017, the pgDay Asia Conference promises an impressive line-up of PostgreSQL talent from around the world including thought-provoking talks on key elements of PostgreSQL from Dillip Kumar (India), Devrim Gündüz (Turkey) and Sameer Kumar (Singapore).

There will also be engaging panel discussions regarding:

  • Postgres in the Cloud, and
  • Leveraging Infra for Postgres Setup. 

As Principal Software Development Engineer at Fujitsu Australia Software Technology, I will be presenting a talk on PostGIS in Agribotics. It will illustrate how PostgreSQL could help shape the future of Australian agriculture. With the steady uptake of remotely piloted aircraft (RPAs) to survey large tracts of crops, I was inspired to explore how existing features of PostgreSQL could enhance this interesting new use of imaging technology. This talk will include demonstrations of PostGIS’s capabilities in the processing of multispectral and modified consumer camera images to benefit Australia’s agricultural industry.

Keep an eye out here late March for my follow-up article outlining the highlights of the conference.

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