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      We are pleased to announce that Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres is now available on IBM Power®, the platform that makes it easier to adopt the hybrid cloud and modernize your applications.

      Fujitsu Enteprise Postgres on IBM Power® delivers superior performance and security in hybrid cloud environments to help your journey of digital transformation.

      Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres, the enhanced PostgreSQL, open-source database, is now available on the IBM Power® platform. Designed to support the most demanding enterprise workloads, without sacrificing agility needed to modernize the most complex business solutions, it delivers a frictionless and secure hybrid cloud experience required by organizations in their continued digital transformation.

      Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres is an exceptionally reliable and robust relational database, created for organizations that require portability, security, and resilience. In addition to world-class enterprise support provided by IBM Technology Support Services, clients can leverage a wide variety of services and deep expertise in enterprise-scale databases, including proven migration processes.

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      • Accelerated digital modernization and transformation

        Superior developer experience with the hybrid multi-cloud, allows flexible deployment, maintenance, and distribution of apps across environments to meet current and future needs. Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres on IBM Power® customers can streamline innovation and build their business applications on a high-performance platform design for business-critical apps.

      • Business continuity through containerization technology

        Refactor apps into containerized microservices to leverage open container technology, hosted on premise or on the multi-cloud. When combined with OpenShift platform, these capabilities can be accessed globally independent of platform, resulting in faster digital transformation with reduced costs, disruption, and administration load.

      • Unique security

        Out-of-the-box enterprise security features, including: Transparent Data Encryption, Data Masking, Dedicated Audit Logs. The solution not only is PCI DSS-compliant, but also meets all hybrid cloud requirements for enhanced security performance.

      • Flexibility and superior performance at a reduced cost

        At up to 80% lower cost than traditional enterprise databases, FUJITSU Enterprise Postgres on IBM Power® offers a fully supported platform that enables organizations to drive modernization and innovation.

      You can read more about Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres on IBM Power® here.

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