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      We are pleased to announce Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres on IBM LinuxONE

      Niki Kennedy
      Senior Director Data Management
      Software Business Unit Fujitsu Limited

      Terry Ginther
      LinuxONE Global Data Serving SME
      IBM Systems

      This offers organizations a solution that delivers security, cyber resiliency, flexible compute, and performance.

      Why Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres

      Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres is an ANSI-compliant enhanced true native PostgreSQL version with enterprise-ready features for security, HTAP workloads, High Availability and mission-critical systems.

      • Security: Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres built-in security features complement IBM's software and hardware built-in security, with features such as Transparent Data Encryption using 256-bit encryption, Data Masking via role-based policies, and Dedicated Audit Log (see details here).

      • High Availability: Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres meets all HA requirements for mission-critical databases, such as disaster recovery (built on top of the native PostgreSQL streaming replication), load sharing and balancing, controlled switchover, and instant failover managed by our flagship Mirroring Controller.

      • Performance: Our implementation of In-Memory Columnar Store (Vertical Clustered Index) implements columnar data organization to speed queries in large data sets, making it suitable for HTAP workloads. Performance of bulk data is improved with our high-speed data load capability, which self-tunes by employing the optimal number of parallel workers according to available CPU and memory, and high-speed backup/recovery of clusters and selected tablespaces using any copy method specified by the user.

      With fully warranted code (including patches and upgrades) and 24x7x365 global support, Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres is backed by PostgreSQL experts that are active participants in the PostgreSQL development community by regularly contributing to its development – which further enhances the value of Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres.

      Why Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres optimized for IBM LinuxONE

      IBM LinuxONE is a scalable enterprise-class Linux server, known for its security, scalability and reliability, used by digital banks, crypto custodies, blockchains and many major institutions throughout the world. Taking advantage of LinuxONE’s robust architecture, it can run production workloads using commercially-licensed Linux software side-by-side with Open Source workloads such as Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres. For example, challenges that Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres on LinuxONE addresses include:

      • Server Sprawl: Consolidating Linux workloads on IBM LinuxONE results in decreased costs for energy, floor space, networking and administration. Organizations using Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres on LinuxONE are able to exploit this consolidation to their advantage, using less Linux cores than in an x86 environment.

      • Software Cost: A single LinuxONE server is optimized for running commercially-licensed RDBMSs as well as Open Source RDBMSs now including Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres, allowing a customer to turn their Open Source vision into reality.

      • Disaster Recovery: IBM’s Capacity Backup is available for LinuxONE, which uses On/Off Capacity on Demand (CoD) capabilities to provide an off-site, disaster-recovery server, drastically reducing DR software licensing requirements. Organizations using Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres can take advantage of this feature.

      • Security: Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres’ Transparent Data Encryption capability is fully integrated into LinuxONE’s on-board Cryptographic co-processors, allowing for encryption/decryption of the entire data estate at clock speed using this built-in hardware feature.

      • Open Data, Open Innovation: Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres on LinuxONE embraces open source with the improved security, performance, scalability and resiliency only LinuxONE can deliver – empowering organizations to create modern innovative cost-effective solutions for their mission-critical workloads.

      • Transition from Legacy to Open Source: Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres on LinuxONE allows organizations to provide a secure and scalable platform for enterprises to transition from legacy infrastructure to a new open source environment.


      Topics: PostgreSQL, Database security, Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres, TCO, High Availability, Transparent Data Encryption, Announcement

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