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      img-anim-badge-people-01Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres proudly sponsored FOSSASIA Summit 2024, an enthusiastic gathering of innovators and collaborators in open source technology held in Hanoi, Vietnam, engaging 5,000+ participants from 50 countries. 

      The 3-day conference featured 206 speakers across 215 sessions, highlighting insights and expertise in areas such as data, AI & Cloud, and cybersecurity.

      I am excited for Fujitsu’s continuous role as a leader in the open source domain, committed to developing technologies that support the growing needs of the digital economy in Asia and beyond.

      I had the pleasure of participating in this year's FOSSASIA Summit, held in the dynamic capital city of Hanoi, Vietnam. This conference marked another significant milestone in the world of open source technology, with Fujitsu playing a key role.

      An exciting gathering of PostgreSQL enthusiasts

      The event, a cornerstone for open source enthusiasts and professionals, highlighted Vietnam’s burgeoning interest in open source solutions. I witnessed the nation's push towards these technologies, driven by a tech-savvy population and a strong governmental initiative aimed at fostering innovation and reducing costs in technology deployment.

      Gary Evans presenting "Unity in code: The power of the community and collaboration in open-source innovation" - you can watch it below

      Our participation at FOSSASIA 2024 showcased our commitment to advancing open source technology through Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres, our enterprise-grade open source database solution. My colleague Nishchay Kothari and I gave presentations to share insightful perspectives on the success PostgreSQL has enjoyed over recent years, including the important relationship between commercial organizations like Fujitsu and open source communities, and more technical aspects of securing PostgreSQL and logical replication.

      I would also like to highlight the success I had seen at our Fujitsu booth, managed by the local Fujitsu Vietnam (FVL) team, which stood out as a hub of activity, drawing in a large number of attendees eager to learn about Fujitsu's latest innovations and its contributions to the open source community.

      Visitors received firsthand experience of Fujitsu’s cutting-edge solutions, which is sure to have left a lasting impression on the summit’s diverse audience, and I would like to thank the FVL team's exceptional efforts in setting up and running the booth.

      A day in the life of a Postgres engineer at Fujitsu

      Hotspot for open source software development

      The Fujitsu booth proved popular with participants

      Vietnam's emergence as a hotspot for open source software development is a testament to its skilled workforce and supportive policies. And the FOSSASIA summit serves as a crucial platform for collaboration and knowledge exchange, bringing together industry leaders, innovators, and enthusiasts to drive the growth of the open source community in the region.

      With a vibrant tech ecosystem and a strong government push towards innovation, Vietnam is poised to play a significant role in shaping the future of open source technology. The energy and enthusiasm at events like FOSSASIA highlight the country's commitment to driving technological advancements and fostering a culture of collaboration that will propel the industry forward.

      I am excited that our prominent presence and active participation underscore Fujitsu’s continuous role as a leader in the open source domain, with our unwavering committment to developing cutting-edge technologies that support the growing needs of the digital economy, not only in Asia but throughout the world.

      As I boarded my flight departing Hanoi, I gave thought to how FOSSASIA 2024 not only fostered a deeper understanding of open source technologies but also strengthened partnerships, setting the stage for future innovations. Fujitsu’s ongoing commitment to these initiatives positions us at the forefront of the technological revolution sweeping through Asia, making us a key player in shaping the future of open source software on the global stage.

      Gary Evans with the outstanding Fujitsu Vietnam team

      To learn more

      ill-woman-using-tablet-02-variation-01For those interested in learning more about the FOSSASIA Summit 2024, dive deeper into the insights and highlights of the event in the blog post below:

      FOSSASIA Summit 2024 Recap: Highlights of Asia’s Biggest Open Source Conference in Hanoi, Vietnam – blog.fossasia.org.

      If you would like to view my presentation "Unity in code: The power of the community and collaboration in open-source innovation", I created a video that captures the main points that I discussed with the participants at the event - just hit the link here.



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      Gary Evans
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      Gary Evans heads the Center of Excellence team at Fujitsu Software, providing expert services for customers in relation to PostgreSQL and Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres.
      He previously worked in IBM, Cable and Wireless based in London and the Inland Revenue Department of New Zealand, before joining Fujitsu. With over 15 years’ experience in database technology, Gary appreciates the value of data and how to make it accessible across your organization.
      Gary loves working with organizations to create great outcomes through tailored data services and software.
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