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      It has been over 20 years that Postgres developers in Fujitsu have been joining the open source community to grow and expand. We have been brought together as a dedicated team in 2019 as Fujitsu OSS Postgres team. In this blog, I have the pleasure of talking about my experience so far.


      I would like to share what a day is like for me as a Fujitsu Postgres engineer from Nanjing, China and what motivates me to tackle the challenges I encounter in community work.

      Although contributing to PostgreSQL may pose initial challenges, perseverance promises rewards on the journey ahead.

      About me

      Joining Fujitsu in 2017 marked the beginning of my journey in the development and maintenance of Fujitsu's enterprise PostgreSQL database (Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres). Through my work, I developed a deep interest in PostgreSQL and ventured into contributing to the PostgreSQL open-source community. This lead me to eventually become a member of the PostgreSQL OSS team in 2021.

      One of the senior community members, Robert Haas has analyzed the contribution in PostgreSQL development for the year 2023, and I was very pleased to be listed among the top 10 contributors. You can read all in his blog post Who contributed to PostgreSQL development in 2023?.

      A typical day at Fujitsu OSS team

      My mornings look like...

      Upon starting my day at 9 a.m., I catch up on unread emails, particularly focusing on technical discussions within the community. I make note of interesting topics for further exploration during my free moments, which I reserve for learning. Subsequently, I delve into the project's TODO list, engaging in logical thinking and devising strategic solutions. Mornings are ideal for me to engage in design and review tasks, leveraging my sharpest mental acuity.

      My afternoons look like...

      After having lunch, instead of napping, I opt for a walk to refresh my mind until the end of my lunch break. In the afternoon, I engage in discussions with colleagues and immerse myself in coding and testing activities. The ample afternoon timeframe allows me to tackle coding tasks and complete testing modules efficiently.

      End-of-day for me

      As the workday nears its end at 6 p.m., I reflect on the day's accomplishments and organize the next day's priorities in the TODO list. After work, I engage in three activities: hacking, fitness, and entertainment.

      When hacking, I delve deeply into interesting emails recorded in the morning, learning from them and exploring topics that pique my interest. I dedicate about an hour to hacking before transitioning to my daily physical exercise routine. Following the workout, I will take a hot bath. Once refreshed, I unwind with entertainment, often by watching a movie, playing games, or chatting with friends.

      My favourite part of the experience

      My passion lies in both reading and writing code; each feature design and development journey is a memorable and engaging experience. While work in the community presents challenges, such as my initial project on parallel insert not merging successfully into the main branch, such setbacks have been invaluable lessons in honing my design and coding expertise. The successful integration of the parallel apply function in PG16 stemmed from these enriching experiences.

      Wrapping up

      Looking ahead, I want to keep my enthusiasm high and contribute to the ongoing development of new features for PostgreSQL. I plan to delve into new and interesting domains in the future.

      To PostgreSQL enthusiasts, I encourage perseverance in nurturing your passion for PostgreSQL and engaging in contributions, regardless of the scale of your contribution. Though contributing to PostgreSQL may pose initial challenges, perseverance promises rewards on the journey ahead.

      Next in this series

      In the next article in this series, I am pleased to announce that Hayato Kuroda, another enthusiastic PostgreSQL developer from Kobe, Japan will be sharing about his experience and what he is looking forward to in 2024.

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      Zhijie Hou
      Senior Software Development Engineer, Fujitsu OSS PostgreSQL team
      As a recognized PostgreSQL contributor, Hou has been working on the development and maintenance of database kernel for years.

      Hou specializes in the logical replication module within PostgreSQL and has been contributing enhancements and new features to PostgreSQL, such as the logical replication row filter and parallel apply functionality.
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