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      I am constantly impressed by the talent and commitment of the Fujitsu engineers that work hard to make PostgreSQL the best database in the market. So, I thought that more people should know these passionate professionals, and what a day in their life is like.

      Our team joins forces under a common goal of driving innovation and progress in PostgreSQL, guided by our shared commitment to excellence and collaboration.

      Diverse, committed, and global – true for the community, true for Fujitsu engineers

      Much like the PostgreSQL community itself, our dedicated team of Fujitsu engineers is a diverse and passionate group of people spread all over the globe. They bring a diversity of backgrounds, cultures, and expertise to  enrich even further an already vibrant community that I am proud to be part of.

      Together, our team joins forces under a common goal of driving innovation and progress in the product, guided by our shared commitment to excellence and collaboration.


      The Fujitsu OSS team

      In 2019, the developers engaged in PostgreSQL community activities in the Fujitsu Group were brought together, and the current Fujitsu OSS PostgreSQL team was founded. I am leading this team of dedicated engineers.

      The progress we make in PostgreSQL is directly aligned to one of Fujitsu’s purpose: to make the world more sustainable by building trust in society through innovation. I am proud of the changes my team is helping to make in society, through technology and making it available to the public via open source software.

      Our team members contribute to the community in a variety of activities, from feature development to code reviews, test coverage, and participation in community events.

      Our team and the community

      Fujitsu’s support for the expansion of open source technology goes back as far as the early days of “mission-critical Linux”, one of our landmark breakthroughs being the first company globally to support the Linux kernel on mission-critical servers. Fujitsu engineers from various parts of the world have made contributions to a vast range of open source technologies, and we continue to invest in emerging technologies in areas including AI and Blockchain.

      We have been participating in PostgreSQL community activities since 2003. With greater focus and commitment in recent years, Fujitsu was nominated Major Sponsor as of September 2022. Fujitsu is also a board member of PostgreSQL Enterprise Consortium (PGECons), helping Postgres users and expanding the user base in enterprise implementations.

      Fujitsu sponsors Postgres events worldwide, where my team and I regularly present and participate in elaborate discussions on upcoming features.

      Myself, Amit Kapila, presenting PostgreSQL 16 and beyond in PGCon Ottawa, 2023

      And kicking off the series…

      I hope this series piques your interest to learn more about Postgres and open source.

      In the first post, we will have Sydney-based Peter Smith talking about his experience at Fujitsu, his contributions to PostgreSQL codebase, and his active participation in community activities.

      Stay tuned for this series and other PostgreSQL-related post by subscribing to our blog - we will keep you informed when a new post goes live.

      Topics: PostgreSQL, PostgreSQL community, PostgreSQL development, PostgreSQL event, A day in the life of a PostgreSQL engineer

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      Amit Kapila
      Senior Director of Fujitsu's PostgreSQL team, PostgreSQL committer
      Amit Kapila is the Senior Director of Fujitsu's PostgreSQL team, a PostgreSQL commiter and Major Contributor. Amit specialty is working in Database Internals (SQL Engine, Storage Engine, and Replication), and is known for setting up teams from scratch for R&D work.
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