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      I am part of the Fujitsu OSS Postgres team, a group of Postgres engineers at Fujitsu work that have been working continuously to deliver contributions to the community since 2019. I would like to reflect on my past year and also share with you my endeavours for the year.

      As the last article of this blog series, I am pleased to share with you my journey at Fujitsu so far and my experience as a member of the open source community.

      I learned that reliability is the most important quality for community work. This significant lesson is sure to make future development more fruitful.

      About me

      Hi, I'm Hayato Kuroda, residing in Japan. I'm a software engineer working at Fujitsu.

      I have worked in developing Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres for several years, and I have been focusing on the open source PostgreSQL with Amit Kapila since 2022. 


      Myself, Hayato Kuroda in Osaka, Japan

      One of the senior community members, Robert Haas has analyzed the contribution in PostgreSQL development for the year 2023 in his blog post Who contributed to PostgreSQL development in 2023?. According to his blog post, the community has accepted my 18 patches and 1410 lines of code, the 30th largest contribution. For every patch and line of code I was able to contribute to the codebase, I feel grateful for all the support given by my colleagues in the community.

      A typical day at Fujitsu OSS team

      I usually start working around 10 am. Yes, it may be later than regular office hours, but this delay is critical to communicating with team members outside of my time zone. Our team has two weekly meetings, starting from 13:30 JST on Tuesday and Thursday.

      Besides attending these team calls, I concentrate on reading the -hackers mailing list and writing source code. When I take the lead in developing a new feature, I do my best to post new patches or responses daily.

      My favourite part of the experience

      The most memorable project since I joined the team was to allow upgrading a logical replication cluster. This development was started based on a user feedback which was posted on -hackers, and I took the lead for half of the development (my colleague Vignesh C did the other half). It was my first experience where the community accepted an essential feature in which I took the initiative, so I was excited.

      Through the discussions held with the community members around the world, I learned that reliability is the most important quality for community work. Opinions and suggestions are valuable, and politely responding to them one by one is necessary to obtain attention and endorsement. This significant lesson is sure to make future development more fruitful.

      Wrapping up

      One of my goals this year is to deliver a successful talk at the PostgreSQL Development Conference 2024. The conference is the largest PostgreSQL conference in the world, and I had the honor to receive this precious opportunity to attend as a presenter.

      I'm planning on talking about the feature above, which allows upgrading a logical replication cluster, and other related ones. I'm looking forward to meeting you at the conference.

      And our journey goes on

      This article concludes our blog series, "A day in the life of a Postgres engineer at Fujitsu". I hope we were able to convey our passion in what we do, and I look forward to sharing more about our activities next time.

      Don't forget to subscribe to the blog, and we will keep you informed when a new post goes live.

      Topics: PostgreSQL, PostgreSQL community, PostgreSQL event, A day in the life of a PostgreSQL engineer

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      Hayato Kuroda
      Software Development Engineer, Fujitsu OSS PostgreSQL team
      Kuroda has been working on the development of PostgreSQL and Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres.

      He has experience in enhancements for ECPG, postgres_fdw, and logical replication modules. He continues to attend Postgres conferences to share his expertise with the community.
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