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    We are happy to announce that we are releasing PostgreSQL Insider - a new section on our site with a series of technical articles and how-to's on Postgres.

    Fujitsu has been a keen player in open source development since the early 80's, and is proud of its commitment to the promotion of PostgreSQL as a world-class database. On top of that, Fujitsu has been supporting PostgreSQL since 2004, with our experts contributing to the open-source PostgreSQL community.

    To strengthen the knowledge base, we have decided to take our contribution to the next level by having a series of articles and tutorials that cover the most.

    Something for everyone interested in PostgreSQL

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    The articles and tutorials cover a wide range of topics, from PostgreSQL fundamentals to get novices up and running, to in-depth explanations and step-by-step practical examples for experts.

    Our PostgreSQL experts have blended the PostgreSQL knowledge with industry use cases to help you understand real-world scenarios.

    New articles in different categories will be released regularly within the next few weeks - they are structured and organized as follows:

    • High Availability: Deep-dives in PostgreSQL high availability, load balancing, streaming replication, failover, and how to implement high availability using pgpool-II.
    • Performance: Discusses PostgreSQL performance and ways in which it can be improved using database partitioning, parallel search, and database tuning.
    • Data Linkage: Explains how PostgreSQL uses foreign data wrappers to access various types of data sources, and provides detailed examples of how to connect to and use Oracle data sources using ora_fdw.
    • Database Monitoring: Shows how to perform life check and status monitoring, advises on what and how to monitor in a PostgreSQL environment, and how to use pgBadger to analyze log file and create statistical reports.
    • PostgreSQL Central:  Discusses popular open source extensions, and using stored procedures in PostgreSQL.
    • Backup/recovery: Provides the fundamentals of PostgreSQL backup/recovery, and discusses backup/restore scenarios.

    img-man-using-laptop-in-data-centreWe have witnessed an impressive, sustained growth of PostgreSQL in the last few years, and with the addition of this valuable information, professionals can make the most of it.

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