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      Fujitsu Australia Software Technology is a platinum sponsor and co-organizer of PGDay Australia. 

      Scheduled for Friday, 17 November at Rydges Hotel in Melbourne, this one-day conference and networking session brings together speakers from across our community to share the latest news and insights regarding PostgreSQL.

      You'll hear from some of the most recognised PostgreSQL developers and experts in Australia and around the world.

      These include Joe Conway, Board Member at the United States PostgreSQL Association (PgUS)discussing the dangers associated with typical default installations and how to mitigate them. He will also focus on the recently published DISA PostgreSQL STIG. Plus Craig Ringer presenting when and how to use multi-master replication and BDR.

      Fujitsu Speakers

      Three members of the team at Fujitsu are also presenting:

      • Rajni Baliyan will discuss real-life use cases where physical replication (streaming replication) does not suffice, and logical replication is the best fit (including a demo)

      • Haribabu Kommi outlining the best ways for individuals and companies to contribute to the PostgreSQL database, and 

      • Gary Evans for a lightning talk session. 

      Register Now as Space is Limited

      This is an important community event for PostgreSQL DBAs and Developers. We encourage you to register now as space is limited, and look forward to welcoming you on the day. 

      Click here to visit the PGDay Australia website for more information. 


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