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      Follow the steps below to install FUJITSU Enterprise Postgres 14 on IBM Power®.img-mockup-fep-on-power-trial-download-box-variation-03

      Installation procedure:

      1. Open
      2. Extract fsep14_ae_linux64.iso to any directory, hereafter referred to as unzipDir.
      3. Execute the su command to switch to superuser.
      4. Change to unzipDir and mount the ISO file to any directory, hereafter referred to as mountDir, as follows:
        mount -t iso9660 -r -o loop fsep14_ae_linux64.iso mountDir
      5. Change to mountDir
      6. Install the packages according to the operating system and the desired feature:
        cd packageDir
        rpm -ivh packageName

        Feature OS Package directory (packageDir) Package name (packageName)
        Server RHEL 8 SERVER/Linux/packages/r80ppc64le FJSVfsep-SV-*.rpm
        SLES 15 SERVER/Linux/packages/SUSE15ppc64le FJSVfsep-SV-*.rpm
        WebAdmin RHEL 8 WEBADMIN/Linux/packages/r80ppc64le FJSVfsep-WAD-*.rpm
        SLES 15 WEBADMIN/Linux/packages/SUSE15ppc64le FJSVfsep-WAD-*.rpm
        Client RHEL 8 CLIENT64/Linux/packages/r80ppc64le FJSVfsep-CL-*.rpm
        SLES 15 CLIENT64/Linux/packages/SUSE15ppc64le FJSVfsep-CL-*.rpm
        Pgpool-II RHEL 8 PGPOOL2/Linux/packages/r80ppc64le FJSVfsep-POOL2-*.rpm
        SLES 15 PGPOOL2/Linux/packages/SUSE15ppc64le FJSVfsep-POOL2-*.rpm

      For more details, refer to the Installation and Setup Guide for Server document.

      If you want to install Server Assistant, follow the steps in the Installation and Setup Guide for Server Assistant document.


      The full documentation and additional materials for FUJITSU Enterprise Postgres on Power® can be found in our Documentation page.