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      Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres with IBM Z and LinuxONE enables modernization of data which is increasingly important in the journey to true application modernization

      The demand for hybrid cloud is expanding robustly as organizations are prioritizing the security and agility of their overall cloud modernization strategies.

      Integral to implementing a successful hybrid cloud strategy is assuring that the required automation and integration capabilities are in place.

      FUJITSU Enterprise Postgres on IBM  Z and LinuxONE can help organizations accelerate their hybrid cloud journey and assure the attainment of essential features such as expanded agility through portability, pre-enabled security, high availability, and enhanced performance.


      Transparent Data Encryption and Data Masking, with IBM LinuxONE CryptoCard integration with data privacy encryption everywhere.


      Up to 3.9x faster HTAP workloads in large data sets with Vertical Clustered Index and in-memory analytics acceleration. 8.4x times faster bulk data load.

      High Availability

      99.99999% availability, with Disaster Recovery, Mirroring Controller and Redundant array of independent memory to deliver High Availability.

      Automate & Deploy

      Multi-architecture, design once, deploy to many.
      Delivers auto-monitoring and scale out.

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