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      Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres

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      Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres for Kubernetes now available on AWS Marketplace

      Deploy an enterprise-grade PostgreSQL with the flexibility of a hybrid cloud solution

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      The hybrid multi-cloud Postgres backed by Fujitsu

      Enhanced features for the enterprise

      Discover how Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres provides powerful tools to protect organizations from database security threats – Transparent Data Encryption to protect data at rest, Data Masking to redact data in-flight, and the Dedicated Audit Log to record database access and monitor activity. Read more >
      See for yourself how Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres takes PostgreSQL to next level, optimizing your workloads with features that provide improved performance, such as Vertical Clustered Index, Global Meta Cache, and High-Speed Data Load. Read more >
      Learn why Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres is built for mission-critical data with resilience features out of the box - Disaster Recovery, Mirroring Controller, Connection Manager, WAL duplication, and High-Speed Backup/Recovery Read more >
      Easy to use anywhere, by anyone, out of the box. Containerize and automate operations to optimize costs. Operator level 5 offers Deep Insights, Auto-scaling, and Monitoring. Read more >
      Discover how Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres delivers the agility and flexibility to manage workloads across multiple environments based on cost, performance, security, compliance, and business continuity. Read more >
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