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See how you can improve performance of data analysis by up to 3x without impacting business transaction processing.

VCI White Paper Stack

Database management systems often fall short when it comes to delivering the type of performance users expect on both business transactions and analytical queries.  

See a proven resolution called Vertical Clustered Index (VCI) in this white paper. VCI is a robust implementation of In-Memory Column Store found inside open source based FUJITSU Enterprise Postgres. You'll learn:  

  • An introduction to column-oriented architecture 
  • How VCI resolves hybrid architecture for both OLTP & OLAP
  • What it is to create a vertical index
  • How to use the query planner to estimate execution time
  • Other ways this technology benefits performance

Download the white paper, and feel free to call us on +612 9452 9191 if you want to discuss your enterprise database needs with one of our experts.

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