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High Availability (HA) is critical for database systems used in commercial environments. 


To function continually without breakdown, a business requires high availability of its IT systems and databases, thus demanding a fault tolerance and robustness that can withstand failure.

If you're a data architect, developer, administrator or manager, then this white paper will help you to:

  • Consider the HA options you have to satisfy critical business requirements such as ease of management, safety against data loss, fault tolerance, instant recovery, robustness, security, data integrity, data redundancy, and minimal downtime during maintenance 

  • Understand the  requirements of an HA system to deliver disaster recovery, load sharing and balancing, instant failover, and controlled switchover

  • Learn about using replication modes that will satisfy one or more requirements for business continuity and contingency planning

  • Discover how HA can be delivered and achieve critical business metrics with either an active-passive (master-slave) or active-active (multi-master) database system inside PostgreSQL specifically

  • See how Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres, as a world-class mission-critical database, ticks all the boxes of the High Availability configuration requirements. 

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