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    Data Masking helps protect sensitive data

    The new Notifiable Data Breaches Act in Australia 
    makes it more important than ever to avoid a breach
    of sensitive data. Data Masking can help. 


  • Achieve more for less

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    Achieve more for less

    Everyone needs secure, reliable, fast data.
    We deliver it using the world's most advanced
    open source database. That's the Fujitsu difference. 

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    Optimise open source

    Do open source with confidence

    Your entire business relies on data every day, and night.
    We deliver with high availability, enhanced security features and 
    24/7 global support. That makes a big difference.


  • Intelligent data systems

    data systems

    Announcing FUJITSU Enterprise Postgres

    Every business wants data to be more secure, highly available
    and cost effective. Our new version of Postgres delivers all three
    in spades. Make the change. See your options. Call us today.


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    Enterprise quality with open source value

    Save up to 80% on your database costs

    There are better ways to invest your budget
    than excessive database license fees.
    So reduce them with confidence. You can with Fujitsu.

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    Expert advice

    Deploy with confidence

    Power up your data with one of the world's leading solution providers.
    Our team has the expertise to deliver end-to-end mission critical
    solutions based on the world's leading open source platform.
    That's hard to beat.

Time to review your database management options

Every organisation relies more and more on data for legal compliance, customer service, and overall business success. That makes now the perfect time to consider your existing database management arrangements including vendor, costs, security, support and road map. Time to consider Fujitsu. Our global team of experts provide FUJITSU Enterprise Postgres, an open-source based enterprise-grade database management platform often compared to more expensive proprietary options due to its flexibility, security, world-class support, and efficient licensing arrangements that can reduce your total costs by up to 80% or more. We also provide services to existing users of PostgreSQL community edition, including training, migration and support. So when your data really counts, we're here to help you manage it smarter for less. 


Or call +612 9452 9191 
to talk to an expert about your database option

Grow with FUJITSU Software Enterprise Postgres

As your business grows, so does your data. FUJITSU Enterprise Postgres is a
PostgreSQL-based, highly reliable relational database management system.

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Grow with FUJITSU Software Enterprise Postgres

Download the Grow with FUJITSU Software Enterprise Postgres digital booklet

Tomorrow’s successful businesses will be defined by their ability to maximise data availability,
utilisation and performance at all times. Discover the key elements to achieving those goals.

Grow with FUJITSU Software Enterprise Postgres

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Reasons to consider FUJITSU Enterprise Postgres

The Fujitsu Difference

The Fujitsu Difference

Fujitsu starts with PostgreSQL, one of the world's leading open-source platforms, and adds a large dose of clever functionality and expertise to create one of the smartest enterprise database solutions available for today - and tomorrow.

Get Cloud Ready

Get Cloud Ready

Our experts can advise on how FUJITSU Enterprise Postgres can effectively unleash your data. We can offer the full spectrum of deployment options, with software, appliance and cloud offerings. Be future ready.

Reduce TCO

Reduce TCO

If your company uses a proprietary database, then you can free yourself from those significant license fees and audit penalties. You can also free up resources. In fact, you can reduce your total cost of ownership by up to 80% while delivering with confidence.

FUJITSU Software Enterprise Postgres

PostgreSQL based, high reliability, relational database management system built by experts.

Fujitsu has been developing enterprise databases for over 35 years. Since 2004 we have been committed to compatibility with the PostgreSQL open source DBMS - one of the world's most advanced open source database systems. The strength of PostgreSQL, together with the enhanced features by Fujitsu, creates the FUJITSU Enterprise Postgres solution.

With over 155,000 employees, Fujitsu also has the experts, and the capacity, to help you make the positive transition towards a database solution that provides the enterprise features you need, with the security and value you want anywhere in the world.



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What We Offer



From database migration to benchmarking and health checks, our PostgreSQL service offerings are second to none.



We provide technical support when you need it, with full 24/7 support for PostgreSQL production databases.



FUJITSU Enterprise Postgres is one of the fastest and most secure databases available for mission critical use.



Enhance your team's database expertise with PostgreSQL High Availability, DBA and Developer training courses.

Why Choose Fujitsu?

Experience and expertise

Fujitsu has been developing enterprise mission critical database systems for over 35 years and has provided PostgreSQL database development, support, training and consulting services to businesses worldwide.

Leaders in open source development

Fujitsu is genuinely passionate about PostgreSQL, having contributed to its development and support of the community since 2004.

Providing what you need, when you need it

Fujitsu provides a wide range of services you need, from support, migration, health check, bench check, operations review, to training and consulting — whatever you need.

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