Fujitsu delivers Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres, an enterprise-ready version of PostgreSQL, plus a range of service and support options for standard PostgreSQL users. Download the white paper that matches your requirements, or contact our experts should you have any questions.


FUJITSU Enterprise Postgres 

See how FUJITSU Enterprise Postgres takes PostgreSQL technology and enhances it with enterprise-ready features, support, performance and availability while reducing costs and vendor lock-in compared to proprietary systems.


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Data Masking

Data Masking is an excellent way to protect sensitive customer data when it must look real for the purpose of testing or development, and yet be protected from any potential threat of breach.


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Organisations are finding it increasingly challenging to be responsive to business requirements with the growth in volume and variety of data they need to capture every year.


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High Availability 

To function continually without breakdown, a business requires high availability of its IT systems and databases, thus demanding a fault tolerance and robustness that can withstand failure.


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