Fujitsu delivers FUJITSU Enterprise Postgres, an enterprise-ready version of PostgreSQL, plus a range of service and support options for standard PostgreSQL users. Watch the video that matches your requirements, or contact our experts should you have any questions.



Overview of FUJITSU Enterprise Postgres

Data is the lifeblood of your business. Watch this video to understand how FUJITSU Enterprise Postgres, the enterprise-class open source database, can help your organisation use data in smarter ways, to create new value and fuel your digital transformation muscles across:

  • Leadership
  • People
  • Agility
  • Business Integration
  • Ecosystem, and
  • Value from Data

FUJITSU Enterprise Postgres replaces legacy infrastructure with an open data platform while our expert consultants and technical teams work with you to ensure you deliver your transformation projects on time, to budget, all while achieving your data aspirations using the freedom and flexibility of an enterprise class open source platform. 

Data is the Lift Blood of Your Business - Fujitsu

Grow with FUJITSU Enterprise Postgres

The growth of any business today relies on the speed, security, and reliability of an enterprise-level database. Not being able to rely on that data can destroy your business and the reputation of both the business, and the people responsible for developing and managing the data and the applications it fuels.

Watch this video to see how Fujitsu, and its enterprise-class open source based FUJITSU Enterprise Postgres database system, can help you achieve high performance, secure, and reliable databases with the freedom and flexibility of enterprise-class open source technology.

FUJITSU Enterprise Postgres combines the open nature of PostgreSQL with Fujitsu's enhanced features, plus the consulting and support capabilities of Fujitsu as a truly global and significant ICT company, to help organisations grow knowing they have the power of reliable and cost-effective data in their sails.

Grow with FUJITSU Enterprise Postgres