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      Get greater performance from your FUJITSU Enterprise Postgres database

      How many days?

      Normally 1 day, but we can customize the length to meet your requirements.

      Who is this course for?

      Systems Architects and DBAs.

      Training - Replication and HAWhat will you learn?

      By the end of this course you will know how to create and maintain fault-tolerant FUJITSU Enterprise Postgres clusters, as well as various options to create a high-availability cluster. You will also know which option is most appropriate for different use cases.

      What topics will be covered?

      • Replication concepts
      • Backup, recovery and PITR
      • Streaming replication
      • Slony
      • Load balancing using pgpool-II

      Contact us to enroll.

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      Contact us to discuss our customized onsite training courses.

      Benefits at a glance

      • Corporate on-site training – you pick the date and the location
      • Cost-effective, fixed rate for unlimited attendees
      • Course content can be customized to meet your needs


      Our training courses teach practical skills to unlock the full potential of FUJITSU Enterprise Postgres. They suit anyone working in database management, application development, or high availability and replication.

      Brochure: PostgreSQL On-Site Training Services
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