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    Reliability, availability, and scalability from server to database

    Secure, scalable, and highly available FUJITSU Enterprise Postgres deployed on PRIMEQUEST 3800B gives you the performance, scalability, and business-critical availability your organisation needs.

    FUJITSU Enterprise PostgresFUJITSU Enterprise Postgres - Overview


    FUJITSU Enterprise Postgres is a feature-rich, enterprise-grade mission-critical database that is 100% compatible PostgreSQL, combining the strength of open source PostgreSQL with added enterprise-grade features that enhance security, performance, availability, and ease of use.

    Fujitsu provides support for a minimum of 7 years after initial product release.*

    PRIMEQUEST 3800BFUJITSU Server PRIMEQUEST 3800B - Overview


    FUJITSU Server PRIMEQUEST 3800B is an 8-socket rack server that offers superior performance and reliability for your organisation's workloads.

    It combines the flexibility and benefits of x86 industry-standard systems with business-critical uptime feature, delivering superior compute performance leading to efficient business results.

    Delivering HTAP capabilities

    FUJITSU Enterprise Postgres bundled with PRIMEQUEST 3800B ensures that you will no longer need different environments to separate transaction workloads from real-time analytics — with the 3800B's huge 12TB memory in conjunction with FUJITSU Enterprise Postgres and its In-Memory Columnar Index technology, your enterprise can run its business-critical enterprise applications and its analytical processes in the same environment.

    FUJITSU Enterprise PostgresFUJITSU Enterprise Postgres - Main features

    Main features

    PostgreSQL-based RDBMS

    • 100% compatible with PostgreSQL
    • Compatible with other open source PostgreSQL databases
    • Extends open source PostgreSQL
    • Simple migration from proprietary databases


    • 256-bit transparent data encryption
    • PCI-DSS compliant
    • Data masking
    • Dedicated audit log

    High reliability and performance

    • In-Memory Columnar Index technology
    • High-speed data load
    • High-speed backup/recovery
    • DB Mirroring Controller
    • WAL duplication

    Fujitsu support options

    • Version compatibility
    • Provides patches following open source PostgreSQL updates
    • Guaranteed support from end-of-sales period (extendable)

    Ease of use

    • Easy installation, setup, and management
    • Web-based and command line interfaces
    • One-click backup and recovery

    PRIMEQUEST 3800BFUJITSU Server PRIMEQUEST 3800B - Main features

    Main features

    Scalable platform for demanding workloads and consolidation

    • 8x Intel® Xeon® Platinum 8200 processors
    • Up to 224 cores
    • 12TB memory (DDR4, 2,993 MHz) over 96 DIMMs
    • 16 PCIe 3.0 expansion options (including PHP slots)
    • Compact 5U chassis
    • Economic scaling from 2 to 8 sockets

    Smart architecture with advanced RAS for business-critical workloads

    • Glue-less design, no external UltraPath Interconnect (UPI) cables
    • Dual power feed option for two redundant phases
    • CPU detects data errors and replays instructions
    • Advanced memory protection, intra-socket mirroring, and address range mirroring
    • System health check and failure prevention (MCA Gen.2)
    • Online firmware update reduces downtime for system maintenance

    Cost efficiency for your data centre

    • Simplified server architecture with a compact chassis
    • Simplified and comprehensive power management with pre-defined power profiles
    • Fujitsu ServerView Suite offers tools for installation and deployment, permanent status monitoring, and control.

    * FUJITSU Enterprise Postgres has its own SLA and supported environment, tools, and extensions. For details, contact the Sales Team at
     Implemented via Vertical Clustered Index (VCI) by Fujitsu Laboratories Limited

    Benefits at a glance

    • High availability from both hardware and software
    • Cost-efficient database and server
    • Support for HTAP workloads
    • Highly reliable server based on latest Intel architecture


    See how FUJITSU Server PRIMEQUEST bundled with FUJITSU Enterprise Postgres provides the scalability and high availability required for your mission-critical applications.

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