Support plan - Standard 24x7

Plan benefits

  • Recommended for small environments with up to 8 cores
  • Priced per instance
  • Supports your business 24x7x365
  • Wide range of tools and extensions supported
  • Competitive SLAs available
  • Access to Knowledge Base
  • Unlimited support incidents/queries
  • Hassle-free support package upgrade available

Support details

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Supported software OSS server
Supported platforms Centos, RHEL, Windows, Debian, Ubuntu, SUSE 
Supported versions:
Centos - 6,7,8
  RHEL - 6,7,8
  Windows - 2012 R2, 2016, 2019
  Debian - 8,9
Ubuntu - 14 LTS,16 LTS,18 LTS
  SUSE - 12,15
Supported environments Physical, virtual, cloud, containers
Supported modules, tools,
and extensions*
Barman, oracle_fdw, orafce, pg_bigm, pg_repack,
pg_rman, pg_statsinfo, pgAdmin, pgaudit, pgBadger 
Barman - backup tool*
oracle_fdw - foreign data wrapper for Oracle
orafce - Oracle compatibility
pg_bigm - full text search module*
pg_repack - table reorganisation extension
pg_rman - backup tool*
pg_statsinfo - monitoring tool*
pgAdmin - administration tool
pgaudit - audit extension
pgBadger - log analyser
* Supported on Linux
† Supported on Linux and Windows
First contact Online form
Server limits Up to 8 cores
Subscription Per instance
Bug fix support Community Fujitsu will raise the issue for the community's consideration on the customer's behalf
Status update reports
Advanced options
Technical Account
Management programs
Support hours 24 hours
Support days Monday to Sunday, including public holidays
Support method Remote
Language English
Number of incidents Unlimited
Number of contacts
allowed to raise incidents

* For any tools and extensions not listed above, please contact the Support Team at
At no extra cost, allows customers to schedule monthly review meetings, request direct escalation, and receive monthly incident reports

Service level agreements

Severity Target initial
response time
Target resolution
This is defined as the intended timeframe from when the issue has been identified by the Support/Technical Team, to when a suitable workaround has been communicated and issued to the customer
Major service disruption to the customer’s production systems, with no reasonably identifiable workaround.
This disruption includes, but is not limited to: incidents where the supported software product has been disrupted and will not restart, a server crash, or a total system failure.
30 minutes 48 hours
Significant service disruption.
The supported software can be used in production, but only under a degraded mode of operation. A short-term workaround may be available.
60 minutes 7 calendar days
Minor service disruption.
A feature does not work, but either it does not affect the usability of the software or there is an acceptable permanent workaround available for said feature.
90 minutes 14 calendar days
Aesthetics or changes for convenience, with no functional implications.
Procedural incidents or questions.
120 minutes 60 calendar days

Benefits at a glance

  • Transparent Service Level Agreement
  • Work with PostgreSQL experts
  • Support for business-critical environments

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Put our highly skilled software support engineers on your side with a PostgreSQL support plan. We offer different plans to suit your needs.

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