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      Check that your FUJITSU Enterprise Postgres processes are in line with industry best practice such as DevOps to deliver your applications with greater velocity.

      To ensure your organization is getting the most from FUJITSU Enterprise Postgres, it pays to take a look at your own processes occasionally and compare them to industry best practices. The global PostgreSQL community, of which Fujitsu is very much a part, is always looking to improve and refine these guidelines. By conducting an Operations Review, you will know if your processes are in line with the highest industry standards, and how to rectify any anomalies.

      What does an Operations Review involve?

      Fujitsu will provide you with a summary of the current best practices. This includes recommendations on the best way to perform:

      • system audits
      • monitoring
      • regular backups.

      We then review your existing processes and compare them to these best practices. By doing this, we can quickly spot where your organization is doing well and where there is room for improvement. Most importantly, it allows us to identify any areas of risk. Once we have evaluated your processes and identified areas of concern, we provide recommendations on how you can:

      • streamline your processes
      • better leverage your existing FUJITSU Enterprise Postgres skills
      • minimize risk.

      What are the benefits?

      Industry best practices are created and refined by the international minds at the forefront of PostgreSQL. By regularly comparing your processes against theirs, you maximize the potential of your database, while minimizing the possibility of setbacks. This will also reduce waste of internal resources and improve the overall quality of your database performance.

      How often is it required?

      We recommend reviewing your operations annually. However, if you are suffering outages, rollbacks, slower performance, or an inability to deliver development projects, it might be time to consider taking action sooner.

      Note: An Operations Review is designed to assess your processes for running a database. If you’re having trouble with your server and its parameters – how the system is actually working, then a Health Check may be required.

      Contact us if you have any questions about your current processes.

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      Benefits at a glance

      • Work with PostgreSQL experts
      • Free up valuable developer resources
      • Know that your system is performing at its best at all times


      With access to some of the world’s top PostgreSQL talent, we’re able to help optimize your database instances with our FUJITSU Enterprise Postgres Operations Review.

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